This page serves as the details specifically for The Dimensions Emporium. Please read this page fully before making any purchases, as it will include information on the process of ordering and policies. With your support from purchasing within The Dimensions Emporium, you contribute to seeing this fantastic project grow. Thank you in advance.

When you place an order, most of the items are custom made (after the order is placed). Most orders take 4-10 days to produce before mailing and providing a tracking number. Larger orders may take additional time. Shipping depends on the international processing centers but could take longer times up to 10 weeks or so. After a tracking number is provided you will be able to see where your package is at all times. There are no refunds on any product or order. Make sure what you order is what you want and be certain you have enough funds to make an educated decision. Payment plans are available via our payment processing partner, Paypal and the PayPal credit option are provided if you would like to extend your purchase over months.

We ship to almost any location on Planet Earth located in the Prime Reality. As our shop expands, we intend on extending our deliveries to other planets, galaxies, realities, and dimensions. We humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to any being outside of Earth. We offer free delivery on most items.

Since most items are made to order, please read the product description to be informed of how long the shipping and arrival process will take. If the item is a custom made item, please follow the exact detailed instructions to ensure that you will receive the item with your correct specifications. There are no Refunds or Exchanges unless otherwise noted on the specific product pages. This is due to the fact that PayPal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 USD on any order refunded. If an order is to be refunded (as allowed on the individual product page), the PayPal charge will not be included in the refunded amount. Be 100% sure of your purchase before ordering. Contact us with any questions prior to committing to any payment. These details and charges may be changed without prior notice, review PayPal’s refund policy at any time to confirm the most recent refund fee charges. We will try our best to stay on top of any changes made by PayPal, but in the event that we have missed something, we ask that you also do your thorough research.

Items are made per order and after an item has been produced a tracking number will be provided upon request. If purchasing more than one item, once all itmes are produced a tracking number will be provided upon request.

Also for safety purposes, use your head. If you might be allergic to something, do bring it in your proximity. This includes clothing materials, inks and dyes, food, fragrances, and electronic signaling systems.

If you require additional details about any product, send us an email directly at

and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a correct response.

If you have any suggestions, tips, or questions, please use the email address listed above, we will answer every message to the best of our ability and understanding. If there is an issue, we encourage and expect you to work alongside us to figure out the logistics of the core problem.

All orders carry free tracking. If the package is lost during transfer to you, we ask that you let us know as well so we can hunt down the culprit. If there is an ongoing issue with any postal carriers we select, we will gladly use another service that works better for our customers. Tracking numbers are sent via email to the purchaser.

This site is hosted on a secure server. You can verify the security via SSL Shopper (a 3rd party SSL certificate detector). To ensure your connection is safe, make sure it leads with “https://” in the url bar listing our website address.

Any personal information entered at the time of ordering is generally deleted on the server after the order is placed. Our ordering software receives the information and saves the basic information such as mailing address, contact information, items purchased, and purchased amount. This greatly helps prevent any information from being screened by unwanted eyes. Since we use Paypal for our payment processing, please check with them for the additional security measures taken to protect your data. Paypal is the only company that requires your credit card or paypal account information. We do not have access to that data.

Any orders over $1000.00 USD will not be processed for 21 days via PayPal’s merchant policy. If you require faster service, please submit a request after the order has been processed and have received a confirmation email. Reply to the email with your request and from there, Dimension144 can request an expedited release of funds over $1000.00 USD from PayPal in order to process your order more promptly. If permitted by PayPal to expedite the PayPal hold the balance for a shorter period of time, the buyer will be advised and the production time tables will be moved up to reflect new changes.

You can also ask any questions by using this contact form:

By navigating this website in any capacity or purchasing any items, you are agreeing to the conditions, terms, and policies listed here and on the page(s) listed at You also agree to hold Dimension144, the Dimensionalist’s, or partners with your utmost respect and integrity, and you agree to hold them harmless of any issues that may arise from being part of this specific flow of events and deliveries. You may experience many various functions that bring forth hidden emotions or unlocked features from within yourself. By utilizing this content, matter, energy, force, source, you agree that it is of your own volition, curiosity, or approach. We hope that you have a fantastic experience here and as always, if you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to communicate with us, we ask, however, that you do thorough research prior to any inquiry, to allow us to get to every message in a timely manner. Please be concise with your request or inquiry. Thank you.

This page will be updated periodically based on the needs of the website, store, our customers, and any details that will help keep things as clearly defined as possible. We want to make sure you are taken care of and that you understand our procedures. Thank you for reading this page and considering ordering from us. Your orders help us grow and provide even more superb customer service and products. As we upgrade, we will be able to offer things such as returns, storefronts, customer service, and other features you can benefit from. Step by Step we strive to consistently make this company great for you. Ir’s a cultivation of consistent improvement for our visitors, fans, and customers.