Selling in the Empoirum

Buying, Selling, Trading

If you are interested in having your product(s) for sale on The Dimensions Emporium either online or in department stores, there are rules and regulations for every level of partnership. Please take a moment to review everything listed here before reaching out with an offer. Collaboration steps are decided through a set of data and code analyses.

Every product, brand, and purpose are tested through various factors that are exclusive to Dimension144 and allow us to determine the lifespan, popularity, and effect. If any product or business fails to meet minimum testing levels, it will not be approved and any further submissions will undergo extra sets of tests.

All products, links, locations, must be 100% complete in order for consideration. If you have a prototype or are still working on your products, there are other locations that can assist you, just not this section.

There are three types of merchants.
• Sponsored Trader
• Department Store and Online Trader
• 3rd Party No Attachment

Sponsored Trader

Traders that wish to list content without the regulations of being a Dimensionalist Trader, have the option to purchase a trading slot. These slots are ‘known sponsored locations’ both in online and department stores. The sections are listed as sponsor sections. The products will be tested prior to collaborative sale.

Department Store and Online Trader

If you would like us to carry your product(s) in both or either locations and do not have the funds to become a paying sponsor, we offer accounts to individuals that can supply specific content within sections of Dimension144 as a contributor. Percentages are fairer and also allows your brand/product(s) to receive a larger recognition through the 144 system.

3rd Party No Attachment

If you cannot purchase a sponsorship spot or have the ability/time to be a Trader, this may be the best option.

Online: These products are not listed in The Dimensions Emporium store. These products are featured in a section that viewers are aware it is strictly a 3rd party vending. We will test out all products, offer a review of the product(s), and can lead visitors to a point of interest where they can garnish more details about the product(s).

Department Stores: There are sections at the Emporium that are assigned to 3rd party vendors. All vendors products will be tested prior to admittance into assigned spots. Products will be placed online allowing customers to view the upcoming items 3rd party vendors are offering at specified locations.


All products receive a marketing/branding package from Dimension144.

If you are interested in any of the three offers and would like more details, please use the form below.

Buying, Selling, Trading

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