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Coming Into A Scene


On the occasion that I come across a location to photograph or record, there is a setup process, angles, and the decision to film a video portion or not. Luckily, I have a predator style outfit that camouflages me when crouching. This allows me to stay out of the scenes while also being in it.

This first video is what made the cut. I could go much further and add graphic, audio, and switch cuts, but I thought it would be sweet to collaborate. Download the video and add in your own flair. Post the link to your video in a comment. No clickbaits or bad jazz, ok. If you post spam, your account and ip will be blocked from all Dimension144 servers.


If you are interested in the game behind the scenes to those two shots, this video is for you. Enjoy the development process fellow film makers and photographers.

Photos from the Wastelands Set 2

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