Center Moments

Any route, when you see it, come back to center with the data and b

Since beginning training with the Chapter 3 Teacher, I have been in a constant cultivation. The upgraded mindset and better way of living has greatly improved as I succeed through the many challenges surfaced and faced.

The ease of release of unknown spiraling, to navigating into a slight variation of direction, is profound.

Some questions found a direction to go, an investigative code is a happy code, new data sets means higher education. The data sets I research are spiritual, scientific, proposed, and imagined.

Today I was meditating in Deerpark, NY. The environment was challenging. A Winter Cold Freezing Rain. Heaters unplugged to face the challenge head on. In the small room, the doors to the outside were all opened. In the room a few other people were in spots and the flow had already begun. The room was hollow. If you have ever been close to death you know about the color of the hues of the environment, the projection experience matched the culmination of the practice at hand. I was there and I was going to go through the exercise. [Another birthing was occuring. These reveal milestone moments of this type.]

I stepped in place and began the ceremony.

I had only done the practice once prior and well over a month distance ran inbetween them. I do not fancy the cold and my hands were given the sensation of cold. You know, the interesting thing is even then, I try to look at the feeling differently. What else could this be? What alternates are there? Can I come up with my own data sets?
I would then feel not my hands and the feeling my hands have, instead I would feel the thing applying that part of the experience to me. I sense the energy form. The application changes greatly.

While in different poses I saw versions of my thinking, my being, that ‘easy to listen to voice’ that says ‘to leave’ ‘to go’ or to do something. While in poses that test your willpower, the thoughts of quitting challenged my strength above such easiness to quit. I would observe my surroundings and used the strength of others around me to be strong. I began to add to the exercise and lift myself up so a smaller weight area was on the ground. As I notice subtle changes in the environment I began testing things so I may cultivate more. Multitaskings like a boss should. Well….I know I can multitask more, given my ideal movement manifests while manifesting more to tune into.

As the group broke away I had a brief conversation and had to head out for other responsibilities.


I was focusing on other things as you can see here, and other things beyond what was shared here. I just finished reading a book cover to cover, Zhuan Falun by Li Hongzhi. This book came to me easily when it did because I was already prepared for it. I have been studying dimensions and even own a site with the name of Dimension144. There was so much that I posted in Chapter TWO as I proceeded in question, that observantly speaking, aligned me for this moment where I would know what to do with the power bestowed upon me. The hype responsivity and the lessons to learn in order to achieve. This book was a new data set of certain items. My wonderful friend kept checking in on me to hear if any good luck had come. And certainly, it has in many aspects. There has also been a lot of challenge and the things I’ve experienced and places where I make great efforts to achieve.

Anyone can have it for a cost. The price of admission is your effort. As I proceed through this new dataful unfolding of reality, my Flow/Fashen you’ll see as best expressed. I was in a rush before, and now I can focus on enhancing the qualities.

I am building new movie theatres specifically for the Divided Realties franchise. New technologies, viewing experiences, and some extra stuff. I am looking for the flagship locations. No place too big or small. There are limits to the launch and you will not want to miss it for anything while it is there. It is an all day/night event and guests are encouraged to stay overnight in our on site accommodations.

Every effort is understood, the more we chose to develop to see. Experiences we provide to one another can be very fulfilling. How one arranges the order of thing is how they supply it and gets supplied.

Fallout 76

Level 24 Vs Level 59 & 42