The Fascination Of A Truth

you see….our cells are believing in what we believe. We have traversed to this moment of time. Out of all the cellular experiences, which one do you prefer?

In certain stages, loyal servitude is its action within the rules of its creation in you, of you, and of all. In sight through cultivation, one should already be aware of the magnitude that attracts through thought forms. Your body is no different.

Understanding that some have not yet traversed into the discovery of self or have yet to go into the regions of the (un)known that exist with work outside of comfort; I do not expect more than a few select others to have a grasp on this imperative dilemma.

Becoming aware at an attention state to subtle things helps organize the minds creative function to populate the inner vision of these arrangments. This has numerous great effects including a smaller karmatic circle or Yin and Yang, to learn points and details of your cultivation. When one is cultivating they are dedicated to becoming a great being both in mind, form, discovery, coding, presentation, and forbearance.

.Although our cell of experience are acting in a specific way, much as our behavior can dictate our experience with others,

…our world is all about communication.

Pair the thinking. See how our internal mental projection can communicate too. With what does it communicate to? With that question and the sight of inner thoughts, the adventure begins to see what listens to that open line. Cultivation, ascending, evolving, being spiritual, being a scientist, exploring the world,
they are all types of a specific fashion and coding that assists in greater realizations in the mind of a yogi.

When you really want to put in the work to learn all that there is to be, you work hard to adjust unwanted interferences or peace disruptors within and externally. You also work diligently to be a better version of reality so other cellular towers can collect that data as a changing option. Humans are mobile towers transmitting and receiving at every moment from oneself and from other projections. Do you think that this data affects the direction we grow?

All of this is one level of discovery and can assist in discovering more. But before we get ahead of ourselves, have you made any attempts to communicate with the cells of your body through mental projection? Do you know how?

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