Crystal Cave Water

Natures Cure, Fountain of Youth.

Nestled deep within the mountains of upstate New York in a village named Kerhonkson, is an ever flowing stream of water springing up from a cave of crystals.

Just hearing that sentence sounds nice and if you have done any research on frequencies or vibratory levels you should be aware that certain levels adjust the atmosphere and matter.

What is really noble of Mrs. Ortliebs is that even if the land is sold, that tap is to be always open to the public. No Exceptions (as per the lands contract). She also told me a little bit about the history of its discovery and it’s kinda funny how the universe works in order to provide on a larger level.

If you would like to try out its properties, the location is

The Ortliebs have done extensive water testing and research to ensure it was 100% safe for public consumption. She did state, that sometimes clay gets into the underground stream but she also tested that water quality to make sure they could keep it running year around. Everything came back perfect and this location is known for having some of the cleanest water in New York. The additional crystal properties that embed into the waters data coding of matter, once entered into your personal system, begins its tuning.

If you look up the properties of Living Water / Cluster Water, you can find a plethora of documentation that explains the benefits known and acknowledged by the general public. These features include,

• Lubricates joints and muscles; our body is 70% water
• Keeps our minds alert; the brain is over 70% water needing hydration to function
• Helps the body absorb nutrients
• Aids in circulation and digestion
• Helps regulate body temperature
• Detoxifies cells and the whole body
• Improves blood pressure, decreases headaches, arthritic symptoms, back pain, and chronic illness symptoms
• Hydrogen- becomes an anti-oxidant, reducing damages in the body, thus also ultimately reducing immune system workload.
• Hydrogen- literally fuels the ATP engine that powers every cell in the body. More fuel means more work can be done, less food needs to be eaten, and less food further reduces the oxidative load the body has to deal with.
• Smaller Water Cluster Size- Appropriate electrical charge in water causes water molecules to form smaller groups and allows for easier hydration and transport of vitamins and minerals.
• Higher pH, More Alkaline- This is simple to understand as disease only forms in overly acidic conditions (lower pH). These conditions are caused by lifestyle and diet. Most people are overly acidic. Anything we can do to help buffer these acidic conditions will be beneficial.

Bullet Point Information provided by but this type of data is available anywhere.

If you do any other research on vibrations, tones, frequencies, and the like, you are bound to come across various research videos and documents that reveal how certain tones, intentions, and attractions cause matter to adjust accordingly. Any player advantage in this game of life is beneficial.

Speaking of informative, as we develop more advanced tools to learn the realities code, I do believe that water and also light, carry an endless amount of data that assisting in tuning us, the reality, and help navigate our direction in life, imposed or suggested. More on this subject in other posts here on

Here is a video of a stream I came across on my adventure during the same day.

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Mid Air Machine and Broke For Free.

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