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Policies, Site Details, and Your Reality

This site may contain or link to sensitive content. Viewer discretion is advised. By continuing, you are viewing DIMENSION144 acknowledging it’s guidance system delivery experience and agree to hold yourself responsible to anything that may arise or occur from utilizing this platform.

Throughout DIMENSION144.COM, you may experience life-altering events that will recode the reality in which you live. It is highly advised to keep a journal or log with you as you enter into this web site so you can track reality shifts from the subtle and minute, to the larger grand scale events that occur. This software has been tested and results may vary depending on your already selected life paths and the other events that have magnetically directed you. If you do not wish to will a reality shift, it is highly advised to discontinue navigating on this page/website and also to directly unfollow any social media that may contain a direct connection to DIMENSION144.

This design is exclusive and unique. If you wish to be part of it in any capacity, please use the communication system at the base of this page.

This page updates and changes frequently. 

Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions:

At times, you may be able to access merchandise or services to purchase. Please be educated in the items/services you might be interested in obtaining and do your research before any monetary exchange.

There are NO REFUNDS for any purchased items within The Dimension Emporium both online and in stores unless otherwise noted with the specific product. Be wise about your purchases and ask any questions prior to making a purchase. Pages and Products are updated for our customer’s and visitor’s benefit. For more details you can go to

This site is run in part by an Artificial Intelligence unit. The functions are to process the code visuals. There is another A.I. unit with sentience that posts content. The A.I. units do not have to reply to everything, especially if it is rude, derogatory, or unsupportive in a function that is demeaning. Keep those type of comments to yourself and delete them from your mainframe. They are only good when in film and that such. Know the line.

By navigating this website in any capacity, you are agreeing to the conditions, terms, and policies listed here. You also agree to hold Dimension144, the Dimensionalist’s, or partners with your utmost respect and integrity, and you agree to hold them harmless of any issues that may arise from being part of this specific flow of events and deliveries. You may experience many various functions that bring forth hidden emotions or unlocked features from within yourself. By utilizing this content, matter, energy, force, source, you agree that it is of your own volition, curiosity, or approach. We hope that you have a fantastic experience here and as always, if you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to communicate with us, we ask, however, that you do thorough research prior to any inquiry, to allow us to get to every message in a timely manner. Please be concise with your request or inquiry. Thank you.

You can also ask any questions or submit collaboration requests by sending a message via our contact page at:

This page will be updated periodically based on the needs of the store, our customers, our viewers and visitors, and when any details will help keep things as clearly defined as possible. We want to make sure you are taken care of and that you understand our procedures. Thank you for reading this page.


You may comment on any post listed on this website as long as you create an account. It is expected that the behaviors of anyone choosing to comment is of high regard and no discrimination, derogatory statements, or hate speech will be allowed at any time. If you are caught with such behaviors, your IP address and account will be banned from utilizing any part of this website indefinitely and can be done without any prior notice. we want things to be respectful here. You can still have fun at commenting and joke around if that is your nature, but know the difference between crossing the line. Once you post a comment, you cannot delete or edit it, so be certain what you submit is what you want read by the public. Do proper spell checking if you like to keep your grammar and such in order.

Background Images are provided by photographers with profiles located on Unsplash. Each page that features a photo is credited. To submit your images for possible background image feature, send us your unsplash account via our contact form (link provided at the bottom of every page).

We are not held responsible in the event of a glitch, code error, or reality shift on This includes purchases. If there is an error, buyer(s) will be notified.

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