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No Man’s Sky (2nd Play)

It took me a moment to get used to the game but once I got the hang of some of the basic things, the game opened up to new experiences such as trade, missions, mining, and additional exploration. I enjoy t...

No Man’s Sky (1st Play)

This title has been out since 2016 and has received its fair share of controversy. Recent reports indicate it is getting closer to the game once promised at launch so I decided to take it for an interstellar s...

Fallout 76 Gameplay

I had a little downtime today and decided to hop into Fallout 76 and get used to the controls again. I used to play with inverted access and because of recent developments, I cannot play that way anymore and a...

Photo Mode – Fallout 76

I went into Fallout 76 today and captured some new images with the additional style I have been learning IRL. Here are the photos. I do think this game has g...

Glitchphobia – Indie Development Title

If puzzles are your thing then this style of game might suit you or at the very least make you go crazy. This is a quick run through of the initial prototype of its development.

Arrow and Zary

This is an Indie game design about a dying dog's last adventure with his child companion. This is a quick playthrough of "1 Verse" in the game. Background I...

Star Citizen

I took this game for a spin during its free play week. This title gained over $20 million from crowdfunding and it is looking amazing, but there is so much missing and the bugs are pretty bad, not as bad as Fa...

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