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Game Clips

Game of Thrones – Third Person Shooter

Play the role of Ayra Stark as she picks up a gun and goes through King's Landing on a hunt for Daenerys, her dragon, and Tyrion Lannister. Sound odd? It is...and then some. You gotta see what spawns along th...


This is a quick demo of a racing title, but it has some neat features like a changing letterbox focus and synth soundtrack. If you want to play it do a search for the title. ...

Everything Is Going to Be Ok

This is possibly the weirdest game I have ever played, but underneath the surface of its strangeness is actually sound advice for anyone dealing with depression, a broken heart, social issues, and some other j...

Sacramento (Indie Game)

Explore a small world designed in watercolor. This design is new and gives way to a new type of gameplay style that is more about exploring art. How far will you go before time pulls you into your place on the...

Look For Me

This Indie title was made in 1 week by Matt Reeves. WTF is up with the knife-toting crazies during the shift? Background Image From Andreas Gucklhorn ...

Snow – Unreal Game Engine

Trying out the snow particle system in Unreal. This is just a particle system, it is not environmentally active, meaning, the snow doesn't attach to objects or affect the scene beyond visual. Take a look. ...

Bird Of Passage

This is an indie game where you read the conversations between various taxi drivers and a passenger. Replying and answer correctly leads you one step close to home. Watch the video for a play through. The envi...

Modular Home Design Demo

A quick video run-through of a house design within the Unreal Game Engine. Background Image From Siniz Kim ...

Forest Demo

This is a demonstration of some of the effects and features within the Unreal Game engine. There are a few things that need to be improved in this demo, such as the proximity loading, fov, and finite reflective...

3/4 Library

This could be a good green screen set, but the coloration that this map offers detaches it from being an ascetic. There were some missing textures and that gave the books a strange look too. https://www.y...

A Future City – Game Design

Creating a videogame to compete with the AAA developers is no easy feat, but luckily there are tools available that can close the gap. Take this map for example.

Elder Scrolls Style Map

I downloaded a map for the Unreal game engine from a 3rd party website. Although there were missing textures in the build, the mountain top environment is nice and this is what I would expect from an Elder Sc...

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