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Multi-Colored Dusk

Summer is approaching and with it comes the colors of spring. In the sky there is magic as well, if you know where and when to look. Here is the dusk that rolled in with the varying cold and warm fronts to cre...

Empath Questions

On certain days, a lot of intensities surface in the reality around me. Instead of just dismissing them for future repeat instances, I strive to understand the presentation of them in a way where they can tran...

NJ Police Motorcade

Timing is always great and in this case, I stepped out to fill up my tank for the long trip tomorrow to Brooklyn, NY came across a meetup of NJ Police Officers. Check the roll out.

My House

In reference to the post I placed up last night, something happened in my dreams. Before the dream, IRL, I had been digging into my past to find something and in the act of doing so, peculiar items began to su...

2016 & 2019

This journey into knowing life is not an easy one at all. To lose things by viewing them slip away intangible. To see the guide of life give you the microphone and permission to lead. To search for the fantast...

The King’s Jacket

The King is here to kick off the addition of the Fashion section here on This jacket is a fine piece of clothing and has received praise everywhere I have worn it. During my trip to New Yo...

Working on Me

I'm not gonna come at this as if you can relate to any of it, but can you relate? This is a one hour video about experience, reality, potential, truths, and function. Direc...

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