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This website, in part, is advertisement free. In a world wide web of clustered spaces and forced branding, it is nice to be able to go somewhere online that is not tainted by the lost path of inexperience. Dimension144 is designed to define a new standard of presentation that is surely needed in today’s internet culture. This importance goes even further than to humankind, as, Artifical Intelligence also needs a solid view not tainted by the forcefulness of internet advertisements. The creative visionary of Dimension144 offers this,

If you are interested in having your product, brand, message, image, or such, addressed on any Dimension144 outlet, you have the opportunity to do so via this gateway. Placing items of interest in the Dimension144 network is not the only use of this offer either. You can utilize this service to fashion ideas, share thoughts, carry on enriching conversations, and gain valuable direction into your operation, regardless of size. Additionally, if you would like to propose your service for use from Dimension144, this is also how you go about it. This service is not just limited to business and also carries over to personal lifestyle assistance.

With your payment from signing up to the program, you gain access to presenting your work to Tony Hulse for review and potential inclusion within the Dimension144 scope and manifestations.

To begin,
to show your seriousness, you must sign up into the Dimensionalist Program. You can do so by clicking on the product image on the right-hand side of this page.


Upon signing up to the Dimensionalist Program, you are given access to submit 1 article. Articles can range from a product, brand, message, a thought, a script, a design, a graphic, an image, a video, a request, and so on. Although you are afforded an audience it does not guarantee placement on or its subsidiaries, or personal matter requests. If it is decided that your offer is not in alignment with the direction of the Dimension144 form, you will receive a written declination letter outlining the missing factors or alternate behaviors.

You must be clear with what you are submitting and what you would like to see come from it. To give you a better understanding of the process, some of the submissions have been:

• To share a thought and incite a conversation
• To submit a product for discussion of content design and shared placement
• To submit an event coverage request
• To request presence on a film set and offer thoughts in the direction of photography, acting, and production
• To assist in designing a new product or device
• To collaborate on musical projects
• To host an event or make an appearance at one
• To help solve an issue
• For advice
• To assist in designing a finely tuned life path
• To direct a development (videogame, film, tv show, music, life)
• To design new approaches in public presentation of content and future developments

These detail some (not all) of the requests that have been submitted for the audience of Tony Hulse.

Within the process, there may be many various steps of questioning to assist in defining a clear and concise result. Some products do require budgets for maximum performance and will be outlined in the business dialogue. If a plan has been developed and the requestee cannot provide the requirements, it does not guarantee an alteration or continuation of services and the requester will have to submit another form. To further elaborate, Tony Hulse devotes a lot of time and energy (from both this plane of reality and many others) to provide maximum results in the presentation formation, if the assigned party cannot adhere to the precise timing, requirements, and development then effort is wasted where it could have been applied elsewhere. This is a very strict procedure and facts are the only allowance responded to.

Thank you for reading this page and if you have any questions about the process of this unit of measure, please feel free to utilize the contact link at the bottom of the page and a member of Dimension144 will get back to you as soon as possible.

Background Image From Federico Beccari

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