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Close your eyes and mouth and say with your inner voice
‘Where is this voice’?
Can you see where it comes from or where it is within?

Some people might say it comes from their throat. However, that is an outward item of the body. Others might describe it as part of the mind and sine can even see it in a vast endless space behind where the mind is.

If you do not know, then you have some work to do inwardly to discover it. If it’s not from any of the 5 senses, where is it and why do we know it is our voice?  When you see inwardly, do you also feel as if the inner sight is separate from the voice, just like sight and sound are separate senses outwardly? And just like the outward senses are considered part of one whole unit used to measure, detect, and interact with the reality and experience, do you perceive that those inward senses are also connected for the inner perceptions?

Ask yourself, within,
‘Where am I?’

Photo by Zac Harris on Unsplash

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