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This video contains spoilers of future events and plots on the LUV XX series. The director of LUV XX talks about conveyance from experience and emotion and bringing it into the film, shares future pathways, and reveals one of the superpowers that both Tony and his wife possess.

The remote reported a large spike of magnetic interference, all of a sudden, in this location. In the same spot 1 minute later, a storm shifted the visual environment. The gap can be minded with the arriving result and worked with requests as directed. The drone’s controls were taken over in the reverse direction with a constant speed. I had control of the height only. worked it quick to land it in a spot where I could jump the rocks for retrieval and return. The video’s thumbnail is from the drone, it took this photo even though it was filming the waterfall at 180 rotation from the ground. My creative mind thinks alien hologram tech secret base cave ish.

Background Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash

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