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This husband and wife want to restore their love and find much more. An offer came to them that couldn’t be refused and so they chose to do it. They go to separate sides of the galaxy and both inject a memory eraser of their life together.

Memories are restored after a set amount of time, in bits and pieces. You join the couple right as the memory restoration begins. They know what they did and are about to meet up. Crazy in love with each other and have a passion like atoms, Watch the sparks fly leading up to the moment they meet face to face for the first time again.

Music Audio by:

Leonell Cassio

Ross Bugden

Ross Bugden

Photo by Lukas Robertson on Unsplash

Music by:

Fesliyan Studios

LUV XX Scene 4a

Scene Spoiler:
Read after watching.

After the smack, a memory came to Tony and also faster reflexes. Remembering who Evil Sinclair is as he dodges the second smack and that’s when Evil Sinclair knows Tony knows, and the act is up. They both laugh, relieved. Evil Sinclair was hired by Tony before the memory wipe to ruff him up a little and jot his memory once Tony became 2.0.

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