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Abandoned in 1952 and left to the sands of time, this castle has been reclaimed by nature. I had found out about it on Atlas Obsecura and decided to take the long drive to its spot.

After hiking to the base of the mountain and checking out the lake, I made my way up to the top going on and off trails to make it to the right location. While there I attempted to detect anomalies that could grant us access into the past. I investigate the location and film my findings. On the way back, I went off the trail and came across a hidden ammo case tucked into the side of a mountain behind some branches. Watch the discovery and opening in the video.

Along the way there and back, I looked inward to conjure up some additional visions and talking points of ponder. I hope you like this journey. In every venture outward, more is discovered. In every question of curiosity, an answer is formed. From the data, grows a new way of life. Some choose not to flow in that vibe, while others enjoy the ride from the waves of information. This hike brought me to new states of awareness and focus and also challenged me with creativity and integrity.

13:40 was a swimming pool.

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I first thought I wasn’t going to return the cache simply because of the driving distance and hike but I soon reflected the benefits of doing it. One of which is the joy it could bring to others if they discover it, just like I felt when spotting it from the distance. That was the deciding factor but since the cache was moldy and damp, before I returned it I decided to stock it up and protect everything from the elements by locking every item in plastic sealed bags. Day 2 video,

I charged my drone and took it for a quick flight around the ruins and after the collision detection was preventing me from properly navigating, near the end of the video I disabled it and continued my flight.

The audio is missing because my DJI app updated and removed all my custom settings. I was not aware the app would revert my settings to default until I reviewed the footage. Good to know for future flights to always check.

On the way back I had a serious moment of vision and thought and if you are interested in hearing and seeing what happened in the moment of Inquisition be sure to check out this post, Timing and Rhyme.

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Some extra clips captured with the Canon 7D.

And here is the items I placed inside the Geocache.

Geocache swag. I am good at branding.
After the marker rubbed in the bag for a bit, it looked perfect. The inside of the bag looked like wet and dried blood. But upon opening it, the markers ink is scented.
Not only do fruity scents await, so does this swag. #Geocache
For the one the probably left their charger at home and insisted on hiking. #geocache #FindMySwag
A limited collection.
Geocache #geocaching #FindMySwag
Even made some Dimension144 collector sets.
Geocache #geocaching #FindMySwag

Go and find it if you can.

Background Image From Dave Reed

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