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Is there magic in the world?

Join Tony Hulse as he explores the reality and attempts to locate new dimensions, magic, and the hidden layers of the supernatural that coexist with us on this plane.

If you have seen any of the content produced by Tony Hulse on television or online, you know he has a very creative mind and artistic eye for fine details. On many occasions, he is able to capture natural phenomena that have not been documented prior and he also has this luck to be at the right location during the precise moment for miraculous things to transpire. Tony has decided to go on a road trip to 30+ locations and share his experiences live, in edited content while on the road, and in a feature after the trip has concluded. With 2500 miles to traverse you can be assured there will be moments of reflection shared, random encounters, and amazing footage captured.

The equipment for this trip includes some of the latest portable technologies that have 4K resolution motion tracking, time-lapse features, large panographic images, a high definition filming drone, and a professional grade image camera. We have been testing out our equipment at various locations to learn what time of day and other environmental settings work best for each piece. A test of the motion and object tracking can be viewed here, and in our Exploration section of this website, you can view the quality of the visual content we are providing during the series of releases.

Previously, Tony was hired to help promote a prime time television series on FOX and this is one of the pieces of content he produced of a road trip. Click here (youtube video). Our goal is to discover a connection between various facets of the 3rd-dimensional matrix and unveil the transitions of realities beyond it. There is an exact science to performing this reveal and Tony is not the only one here to help. Alongside for the ride is a guest celebrity comedian and together they will discover the fabrics of space and time from Earth. You can expect many various elements in the content ranging from seriousness, comedy, guest appearances, discoveries, and the slightly strange. Some of the locations selected are going to put them to the test both mentally, spiritually, and physically including a NASA test facility, a missile silo, a location of witchcraft, the devils stomping grounds, places of divinity, and caves and mines, and other top-secret areas you might have no idea excited on this planet.

Order of events for June:
We are presently aligning a vehicle sponsor for the trip and designing the promotions of this epic event. After this is locked in, we will be able to release additional details and also start the request for additional sponsorships to cover all expenses during the production. Since this site likes to keep the viewers in the loop of things behind the scenes, you can expect additional content revealing the setup process of this journey, so you can learn the work involved in organizing a series. Any aspiring filmmakers will be granted access and be able to learn valuable resources.

Save this page.

The format and content on this page will shift with every update and the details here now, may not remain in future updates. Planned updates include video and artist expansion of content with a sexier home page to access the dimensions we present in season 1. Thank you for viewing.

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Multi-dimensional artist and creator/founder of Dimension144. Explorer with access to areas most are not permitted. Various Life Experiences: Worked for the cia as a professional target eliminator. Acted on tv. Been shot. Levitated. Went on a spiritual quest. Saved many lives. Driven over 150mph. Trained with the LAPD. Jumped out of a helicopter in the air. Shot grenade and rocket launchers. Healed many. Walked naked in the woods. Published a book. Spoke at the United Nations. Managed celebrities. Saved the world from destruction, twice. Shook Satan's hand and went to battle with the being. Met Buddha and Jesus on the etheric plane. Tazed an assailant in the balls. Shot a bank robber in the heart and saved a hostages life. Performed numerous exorcism's. Controlled people telepathically. Time traveled in numerous occasions. Went to a party. Wore a full body latex outfit and walked the streets of NYC. Been on the radio. Ghost hunted various abandoned locations around the United States. Danced with Kelly Clarkson in San Diego, CA. Almost married Anna Farris. Found gold. Released 3 music albums. Owned 3 businesses. Designed outfits and fashion items. Hosted Los Angeles Fashion Week. Interviewed Oren Peli. Produced music videos. Met George Bush Sr. Designed every chapter of Dimension144.

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