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I bought into the idea of reality unification and its intensities. The brave sight and work towards the alignment of the better. In oneself, there are struggles we face in our day and age that we wouldn’t have ever dreamed about back then. With all the new changes and additions, there are much more intensities in abundance, like light rays of the sun beaming down through a forest.

This is the complexity of unanswered answers. The bungie jump dive. The return of the line.

The life presented and lived has come into many various challenges and all for reason. Come watch this video as I discuss the instances that have built-up through May and where this is taking us for the future of our lives.

I walked the trail and begun with a prayer of the spirits of holy to speak through me. For the longest time I did not. And so my walk began and then the prayer of words was answered with the sight of to feel, speak, act, be, in. There was a silent audience. Thank you for listening. This is all in the moment and there are many layers to every path presented within this whole of a vision. Directed and freely given.

(video rendering) Will be rendered momentarily. Please return or follow social media for the ready mode.

On my way to the top I had pet a golden retriever. After I pet it, the master called and it turned gracefully and in the moment I felt love leave but instead of the grasp that I normally keep, I let love go the need of love as it was before, as I knew it to be. The controlled responses and everything I learned revealed this sight. Learning a new. And as typing this to find the words, I’m not afraid to let go of the visions moment so I can relay the moment. I have found it necessary due to even professionals asking the same thing. Both in awareness and new awarenesses.

This is Tony Reporting from 5D. If you see me, welcome and greetings. I’m work mode 99.99….% of the time. This is my job right now. Reporting from the dimensions. Making observations. Conjour salutations.

I’m getting all the logistics complete about a roadtrip. I sent the offer out to a small amount of automotive manufacturers. I want to feature a nice ride because this is a big trip with many values instilled within its adventure. I know I will be capturing some incredible shots and I do a pretty good job at filming it and photographing it. Ford and Jaguar responded with correspondence and with design production questions. I intend to test the integrity of the universe and dimensions as I visit multiple locations and process with state of the art equipment then share both live in places and with snippet content along the journey and a massive edit once the journey for season 1 has completed.

It was awesome to hear the birds respond to my thoughts and sight today. At times they guided my on track with energy intensifications of natural interest.

I saw this distinguishable face.

Background Image From Stephen Cook

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Multi-dimensional artist and creator/founder of Dimension144. Explorer with access to areas most are not permitted. Various Life Experiences: Worked for the cia as a professional target eliminator. Acted on tv. Been shot. Levitated. Went on a spiritual quest. Saved many lives. Driven over 150mph. Trained with the LAPD. Jumped out of a helicopter in the air. Shot grenade and rocket launchers. Healed many. Walked naked in the woods. Published a book. Spoke at the United Nations. Managed celebrities. Saved the world from destruction, twice. Shook Satan's hand and went to battle with the being. Met Buddha and Jesus on the etheric plane. Tazed an assailant in the balls. Shot a bank robber in the heart and saved a hostages life. Performed numerous exorcism's. Controlled people telepathically. Time traveled in numerous occasions. Went to a party. Wore a full body latex outfit and walked the streets of NYC. Been on the radio. Ghost hunted various abandoned locations around the United States. Danced with Kelly Clarkson in San Diego, CA. Almost married Anna Farris. Found gold. Released 3 music albums. Owned 3 businesses. Designed outfits and fashion items. Hosted Los Angeles Fashion Week. Interviewed Oren Peli. Produced music videos. Met George Bush Sr. Designed every chapter of Dimension144.

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