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Something that most people choose to visit on their travels to Los Angeles is the Hollywood sign. I took a hike to the top on a warm summers day and on my way up, I came across some horses, a saddened person, and a flock of cute tourists that I took pictures with.

Besides the views, something about the moment was strange and surreal. I have been witnessing the environment wanting to interact with me more but for whatever reason it is hesitant and delayed in fully engaging with the best it possibly could. In this moment, there were things very “off” that had me aware of some focal points and behaviors. I put them to the test to see just how dedicated they were to connecting with me, and from it I saw where the moment failed to deliver the minimum expectation of experience.

I came into learning plenty about spirituality, the power of attraction, the universe, god, and plenty more within that realm of thought, faith, and belief, and from it, I decided not to just go blindly into the ride as I had done so many instances prior. I had selective requests some of which would detail moments I no longer wished to be part of and some I knew that needed to exist in close proximity to me in order to testify a profound connection worth the value of a friendship and more.

Timing would have it that even the visions were not exact, although many came very close. It was when I would allow the moment to have more control, that it would slack and dismiss the effort of the manifestation provided. This led me into deeper tests to understand why there was the need for a dominance in the reality and why eventually even that style would be condemned. Life is interesting when you decide to work in effort to know the secrets kept from others. It can break you over and over again but it can also raise you up. It is a challenge to live, no matter what level your senses compute. At the slightest chance that the way I populate and imagine is right, there is only 1 meaning to what I have discovered and I will pass on it. It is not part of my interest to befriend the game that is played. I carry a complete alternate resolve and I will remain unsatisfied here until the reality bends to its will.

Here is the content that brought me closer to knowing such measures of reality.

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Multi-dimensional artist and creator/founder of Dimension144. Explorer with access to areas most are not permitted. Various Life Experiences: Worked for the cia as a professional target eliminator. Acted on tv. Been shot. Levitated. Went on a spiritual quest. Saved many lives. Driven over 150mph. Trained with the LAPD. Jumped out of a helicopter in the air. Shot grenade and rocket launchers. Healed many. Walked naked in the woods. Published a book. Spoke at the United Nations. Managed celebrities. Saved the world from destruction, twice. Shook Satan's hand and went to battle with the being. Met Buddha and Jesus on the etheric plane. Tazed an assailant in the balls. Shot a bank robber in the heart and saved a hostages life. Performed numerous exorcism's. Controlled people telepathically. Time traveled in numerous occasions. Went to a party. Wore a full body latex outfit and walked the streets of NYC. Been on the radio. Ghost hunted various abandoned locations around the United States. Danced with Kelly Clarkson in San Diego, CA. Almost married Anna Farris. Found gold. Released 3 music albums. Owned 3 businesses. Designed outfits and fashion items. Hosted Los Angeles Fashion Week. Interviewed Oren Peli. Produced music videos. Met George Bush Sr. Designed every chapter of Dimension144.

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