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I hopped into Fallout 76 to see if anything has changed enough to compel a longer play-through. Unfortunately, after the hardcore binge, there is not enough in the game to keep me running in it. That itself is a heavy issue with an online gaming service such as this and although the game has gotten better and will offer more for new players, there is not much to keep gamers like me coming back to it and staying in it.

After jamming on it for a while it has become apparent that the software is not optimized and coded to handle the constant data talk-back between home pc and server, it also seems as if there is not enough updates to fix the flaws in a fastened time, it also looks as if the team doesn’t bug test before releasing the updates. I understand that the world is large, but there are somethings that are simply foolish and should have never arrived as an end-user experience with this title. I can see why people are upset, they loved the franchise and wanted an experience that was better not worse and although there have been some great moments in game and with the community, it is not enough to compensate for where it lacks in the other departments of Fallout 76.

What is confusing about this situation they have not gotten themselves out of yet is that the net worth of Bethesda Softworks is estimated at $2.5 billion. With that much money flowing around, I would think that they could quickly fix everything and turn the boat around from the hell hole it’s been navigating into. It’s a tough thing to say, because this game had promise and could have been something with high remarks as is expected from a multi-billion dollar game company. It is nearing the time new game companies are going to come in and take over the industry forcing many developers to jump ship and leave the past where it needs to be. This doesn’t go to say that if gaming is still a thing in the future, that it isn’t possible for the IP to make a comeback. Perhaps time is what brands such as this need to heal the salt they poured over the open cuts of under deliverables.

The little man (the gamer) gets a larger voice of the direction of gaming.

What does this have to say about Bethesda and the gaming industry in general? Just as social media and content producing have drastically changed from the zone it was previously in, gaming has also shifted in the conscious minds of its fans and as each title is released, we are sure to see statistics alter the way games are made, released, and presented. The tactics utilized to keep an ongoing revenue stream are also getting directed differently and can no longer be dealt the same way either. It used to be easy to take the money of gamers because we were fans of gaming, now, that is not the case and in order to earn the support of the gamers, businesses are in desperate need to reinvent how they “ask” for gamers money instead of demanding it as previously shown.

The plethora of technology available does offer every gamer and business the opportunity to devise a new connected and immersed partnership. And that is where things are heading. Every gamer is searching for partnerships with businesses instead of just being on the recipient end of things. Since content creation has cultivated the mindset of gamers into business and eCommerce, this has now become part of the new standard for relation between both parties. Most gamers want to play games, stream, make money to support their lifestyle of playing games, which in turn gives back to the IP holders. We love sharing our experiences and love to be rewarded beyond just playing the game. After all, the businesses get rewards like that, so the gamers should as well. One thing that Bethesda did help do is make gamers realize the need for a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits in more than one way. This is the future and it is moving forward at such a fast pace that if companies do not get in line with the new respect standards, they will end up as just a memory of what once was.

Nevertheless, here are two videos of some of my recent gameplay in the Fallout 76 world.

Background Image From veeterzy

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