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If you happened to view my post on the Gingerbread Castle, you know it is being restored and that it has some history attached to it including the animated character Felix the Cat. One of the artists in charge of cleaning up the place, painting the sculptures, and offer her own touch of design is this artist.

After hearing about her story of dropping out of high school because of being bullied and seeing her triumph with talent and uplifting personality, I thought it would be nice to show her there are plenty of great people in the world that look out for one another and so I give you this brief interview and some images of her art.

Q1: As an artist, do you visualize the canvas before the first stroke, or do you let it flow and create the masterpiece in real-time?

As an artist I do not actually visualize the canvas I usually let it flow.

Q2: What is your favorite type of art subject to use?

My favorite type of art to subject to use is definitely tattoo based. A lot of my drawings tend to have a ‘tattoo’ look to them.

Q3: As an artist, what do you harness your inspiration from?

I harness my inspiration from other artists. I’ll see a really great tattoo artist and will draw some of their drawings to practice.

Q4: If you were given an unlimited budget to design an art installation, what would you think of presenting?

If I was given an unlimited budget for an art installation, it would definitely be a huge mural in an abandoned structure. Bringing beauty to that level of dilapidation really means a lot to me, and I can relate to that as well.

Q5: When you look into your art, what do you see?

When I look into my art i see a person trying to put their heart, soul, past & present into the piece. I see passion and emotion too.

Q6: Who do you wish to inspire from your artistic expression?

I wish to inspire children who have had a past just like me. If i can inspire that one child, who is in a rough patch in life and feels stuck, then I feel I reached my goal.

Q7: Are there any projects you are presently working on?

The projects I’m currently working on are the Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, NJ. I mean the main artist for it, and I also started my own deviantart to showcase my art pieces.

Q8: If you could travel in space and time and learn from any visionary, who would it be?

If I could travel space and time I would definitely learn from van Gogh because he is such an inspiration to me between his history and his pieces.

Q9: When you create your art, is there any direct feeling or message you are trying to convey?

I usually don’t have a message when I create my art, but sometimes I can put my depression on the piece. I can sometimes see the pain I go through showing on the piece and its very therapeutic to me.

Thank you Amanda for continuing forward and not allowing the negativity of bullies to prevent you from expressing your talents. I look forward to seeing the finished version of the Gingerbread Castle.

Header Image From Kai Oberhäuser
Background Image From Thom Masat

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