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Nestled off a side road on the back roads deep in the Hudson Valley (New York), I came across this beautiful stone monument. The curved archway that I walked through, was designed with perfection and after a little walk down the hill, I came into an experience that was a little piece of heaven.

As I walked the road, the sensation and inward sight of “coming home” was building up from within. The best way to describe this feeling to anyone that has yet to know what an energy of that nature is like, is this, Imagine you are dying and you see a tunnel, at the end of the tunnel is a light. As you start making your way towards the light, you are treated with feelings of guidance that nurture you along the transition and give you and your soul things you may not have known. In essence, it feels very divine. A supreme touch of the heavens connecting with your being. This spot did just that for me.

There is also a hidden side area that you can walk through if you are brave enough to go off the road and into the woods.

I took my drone up, but the winds were intermittently strong so I did not stay up for more than a few seconds to capture this footage.

and now to the images I captured of this magical location.

And here is an extra clip captured with my Canon 7D of the wind brushing over the plains.

Please note: These lands are under renovation until Autumn 2019. Access is limited.

Background Image From Simon Maage

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