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On certain days, a lot of intensities surface in the reality around me. Instead of just dismissing them for future repeat instances, I strive to understand the presentation of them in a way where they can transmute into a higher form of being. I type this as such because I have seen moments repeat where the instance is the same although whom or what the sense and mind experience is different.

Some would say to just let to go and flow through you as a wave and it will pass, however, I do not wish to have some of the instances manifest repeat encounters. Some moments are no longer needed and it is justified with the level of awareness I have come into.

Although in the moments they arrive, there is also another form of introspection to search and see if there is anything parallel to my intermediate being. This requires an extensive amount of effort to get to a zone where you can decipher the code and see if there is anything that matches in personal action, thought, feeling, or. That journey in itself, for me at least, was not a very pleasant one. The inclusion that had seeped into my being took tremendous effort to clear and some if it required death, spiritual deliverance, prayer, submission, and furthermore, the sight of pressure from everything around me.

It was in those stages that the excretion of various aspects, would have to be acted out in order to consciously observe the act from close proximity instead of from the environment, this way I could understand the flow as it was in direct conflict from within me. There is much more than even that encompassing thought-form but for the sake of separation and uniformity of this post, I will not dive further into such. Instead, I supply you with a video of 1 combined area of focus and the effect it has on the emotional, physical, and mental states.

As someone that has a heightened awareness and opened psychic gate, the responsibility to understand and proceed all these arrangements is a necessity in order to ascend into locations that are beyond the typical presentation produced by the reality and transmitted by the embodiment.

There have been sites and youtube videos that have been explaining a raise in consciousness and with it a clearing of old matrix energies. In parallel references, this does make sense but is also vary vague as to the reasoning of the placement of these things in the first place. Nothing is.

Here is a capture of the area if you wanted to see more of the background that i was contemplating at.

Background Image From Joshua Fuller

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