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In reference to the post I placed up last night, something happened in my dreams. Before the dream, IRL, I had been digging into my past to find something and in the act of doing so, peculiar items began to surface in the field of images and video, which then brought playback and challenge within me. It was time, I was to face something that had anchored within me in various forms, an illusion manifest.

In my dream I had attained fantastic resolve. Many moments of of fine measure. It was like a playbook. After I had satisfied my needs set in part by my heart and my mind, in the dream I went back to a place I once knew and was met with the challenge that had stifled my soul.

In reality, I had been leading up to this moment just as much as I did in my dream. I knew there was something not right about mew and how I was feeling, and yesterday there was a “building-up” to the fate-way/gateway of this exact moment I was about to face both in my dream, mind, body, soul, and heart, every fiber of my being.

Back in the dream, after my successes had begun, I went to a place once known and met a being I once knew and had a life with. However, things were not in alignment and everything felt severely “off.” Aside from the feelings of being in a world, a moment, where confusion and gloom was abundant, there were two others by its side acting as intermediaries but in actuality they worked for this entity.

I had come to this location to show what I had gained and wanted to share it with the one I had struggled with for so many moments prior but in this moment it wanted to destroy me and drag me into a personal hell and all it had to do was act out a scene using 2 minions as the conduit. It didn’t even have to be there for the effect to work just the idea of its presence implemented by the minions was all that was needed to call forth the feeling inside me. And when that was failing, when the 2 minions could not tip the scale for full submission of my soul, the entity itself came into view and worked its best magic and performance to try and capture me.

Now it was 3 versus one, but soon I realized that I was not alone and I phoned for help and all it took was a phone call to my mother for me to know I was not powerless. In the moment, the entities were trying to gain control of me and my power, and unconsciously, I was giving it all to them, until I called my mother and in doing so, I subconsciously gave her the power over me. That little blip was all that was needed and I began to see clearly the grasp the entities had on my heart.

And with the power of sight, I demanded them to leave my house at once. The entities all scurried into a room and closed the door, but that resolve was not good enough since they could open the door at any occasion, and perhaps when my guard was down. They had worked on me for many years, I knew they were patient. So I then again demanded them to leave my house at once and when they would not, I took the room out of reality, separated it from everything else in existence and removed all its power indefinitely. Leaving it in a space of nothingness, then having that entire space un-exist.

This is when I woke up and just like all of those tv shows and movies I have watched where once an evil entity is abolished from a haunted house, there was a heavy weight lifted and a surreal feeling of peaceful intent from the reality once more. An observable shift occurred and excited arrived in new forming pathways. What will come of the space that was once filled by the demons that crippled my life? I suppose that direction is now afforded to the alignment of my dreams. I had seen that even in all my turmoil of the past, the very best consistently came knocking to show me the way and help guide me to the path of most high. And although I do not fully know what that means, I have some ideas of milestones and moments along the way.

If there is anything to take from this, know that if you too are facing troubled times, call forth your strength and cast out your demons when the moment arises.

For me, there had been a build up to that point and reflection shows me that guidance had always been there as the Father, teacher, and all knowing. If you would like to know more, you may browse the other chapters to learn the battle I once had.

Featured Image From Matt Seymour
Background Image From Kevin Laminto

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