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I met a guy that claimed he was a Knight of the Templar. He told me stories of his time working for Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr where he firsthand witnessed anti-gravity, flying saucers, and reality manipulation devices. Along with his stories came documents, a lot of them. Some of the resonance levels that allow adjustments of matter, space, and time, while other documents included information that the general public isn’t level enough to take part in. Among the information came plans of how to build a spacecraft and which he claimed to have flown in.

He went on to tell me about the experience, to which I will share here. He told me that when approached for the task of being part of the first group of people to test the advanced technology, he would have to pass certain tests. They were mostly of mental states of balance. This was a necessity because the craft was flown via thought waves. Where you think about, the craft will go. There was two types of flight that could occur, the typical flight over distance and the other was more instantaneous. This was done by adjusting the projected environment to create a very specific age of time and location. In other words, it would alter space|time and in the snap of a finger or a blink of the eye, the craft and its inhabitants would teleport from one location to another.

He went on to tell me about the issues that the mind would have from teleportation. He would forget he had ever gone. When teleporting from location A, to location B, then back to location A, he stated the he did not remember his time at location B. In his next jump, he and the selected others were instructed to find objects from grass, rocks, or anything that grab and place them in their pockets, so when the jump back, if they do not remember, they can reach into their pockets and see if anything was collected. To his amazement, he had gathered some rocks and grass in his pockets but had no memory of doing so.

As the group teleported more frequently, they began retaining the information of the jump and it had been determined that the mind could not make sense of such a shift in time | space placement, that it made the moments inaccessible by the consciousness. It took multiple jumps for the mind to begin developing new pathways/connection in order for it to own more than one reality interface. The tests then revealed something far greater and has led a very important question about the collective as a whole. Are there any other events that mankind has experienced such as this?

Further research would reveal this could be the reasoning why human history is so vague and could also make sense of why, now, in our time, we are beginning to witness and remember things that could have been elsewhere. Just as the tests revealed, it is possible a global displacement also occurred. Our planet, solar system, galaxy, the universe, and beyond, could have sprung a massive “reset” which caused this data to be gapped. Although this part is speculation because of how difficult it is to prove or disprove, it leads even more questions as to why now, are we beginning to see things beyond the veil that has been our lives and history? If you take the teleportation case into retrospect with this other speculative information, that could mean we have jumped into various realities many times prior and are just now developing the senses and conscious awareness of the shifts.

There are other things that make more sense with this concept such as the Mandela Effect. This shift occurrence could attribute the alternatives in reality interfaces that millions of people have come forward about.

Personally, I have witnessed many times, moments that have already occurred. Such as the 2nd to the last episode of Game of Thrones, I had already experienced it a long time ago, way before the series or books were ever created. Part of this type of instance or not, something incredible is happening and requires further inspection.

Now getting back to the spacecraft, there is one design I want to share here an that is the OTC-X1. To shorten the story I heard, this was a fully functional craft and was filed with the US Patient service but was not allowed to be given public release unless slight modifications were made. The craft would have to be reclassified as an amusement ride, it would have to be bolted to the ground with various clamp and bracket restrictions, and it was not permitted to let people exit the craft upon localization shifting. The people would be able to experience the jump but could not view it (windowless) and could not leave the craft until its return at the location. The design made it so the outside of the craft remained intact and the inside became malleable. Even so, the amusement design was still an experience for the general public to have. Because of the testing of the non-hinged spacecraft, it makes sense as to why it would not be available for public trials.

Here are some of the scanned documents I have of this craft. I also have some paperwork made from Tesla that came from this same source that may be shared in a future post here on Those do require much more explanation to the processing and reasoning of the works so before I put forth that effort, I will need to make sure there is an interested audience to gather such a release. There was also a lot more discussed between this contact and I, in regards to areas around the planet people could go and experience teleportation as well as blueprints and designs for energy devices and other “alien” placements.

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Who wants to build a few of these with me? As you might have known, I have been testing out gravity applications for an upcoming feature film and have come across some interesting results as well.

For ease of data source here is the link to the full book OTC Enterprises discussed in the attachments above. Provided by Google Books for Free.

The Novum Organum

Background Image From Nathan Duck
The person in the article goes by the name of Ralph Ring.

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