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The King is here to kick off the addition of the Fashion section here on This jacket is a fine piece of clothing and has received praise everywhere I have worn it.

During my trip to New York City during the NY International Auto Show, I wore this jacket and was frequently praised on the design and requested to sell it. After much thought, I have decided to share this powerful article of clothing and place it up for sale exclusively in The Dimensions Emporium on

I add,
There is something about the persona of a King that requests an outlook of a greater vision. Wearing this jacket at home or in public provides the mindset of greatness. Decorated throughout the design are sigils and insignia that reflect worth and the image framed on the backside, not only acts as an attention focal point from onlookers, it also describes the path of enlightenment. As told in the image, the hands of god navigate the golden path of the King through the labyrinth towards the door of the divine. Wear it and see what the world brings you.

The design on the jacket utilizes a fade-resistant technology that, just like a king, one should never fade away. It is available in 5 sizes and shipping is free anywhere on planet Earth in the Prime Reality.

Background Photo From Stephanie LeBlanc

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Multi-dimensional artist and creator/founder of Dimension144. Explorer with access to areas most are not permitted. Various Life Experiences: Worked for the cia as a professional target eliminator. Acted on tv. Been shot. Levitated. Went on a spiritual quest. Saved many lives. Driven over 150mph. Trained with the LAPD. Jumped out of a helicopter in the air. Shot grenade and rocket launchers. Healed many. Walked naked in the woods. Published a book. Spoke at the United Nations. Managed celebrities. Saved the world from destruction, twice. Shook Satan's hand and went to battle with the being. Met Buddha and Jesus on the etheric plane. Tazed an assailant in the balls. Shot a bank robber in the heart and saved a hostages life. Performed numerous exorcism's. Controlled people telepathically. Time traveled in numerous occasions. Went to a party. Wore a full body latex outfit and walked the streets of NYC. Been on the radio. Ghost hunted various abandoned locations around the United States. Danced with Kelly Clarkson in San Diego, CA. Almost married Anna Farris. Found gold. Released 3 music albums. Owned 3 businesses. Designed outfits and fashion items. Hosted Los Angeles Fashion Week. Interviewed Oren Peli. Produced music videos. Met George Bush Sr. Designed every chapter of Dimension144.

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