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I decided to find a new spot in nature to explore and discovered some captivating natural beauty during my hike.

The first video is from my Canon 7D (1080p).

Life has brought many battles in the embodiment of conscious thought. Admitting depression, among other things faced in the challenge, including acceptance, lost self-love, and thoughts that brought a plethora of “who’s” into the cosmic field, made a massively mixed bag of emotions paired with identity questions.

On this journey I saw trust and understanding in many ways. I got close to the water but not too close since the speed of the flow was not calm in the now. The rush revealed unpredictability.

Where I stood, I trusted for the stability of the ground. I trusted the roots and the intelligence of nature.

I saw fantastic trees. Some knocked over. Those ones didn’t plant their roots in deep enough. The others did. But I saw that trees want to live, even when they are uprooted, they try to live. Is that consciousness? Is that what fuels a spark in our lives to view an aspect of thinking? If so, what aspects?

I can tell you, this walk not only had me contemplating on this; I was also in a state of an empty mind which led me to higher acuity of the moment and the realms I have been in contact with elsewhere. I was able to pick up on subtle things in the environment too if that makes any sense. And what’s important about that? I can name a few things quickly while others probably require additional detail and parallel understandings. Stange? I know it is and the choice to see what is possible is too.

While at the rapids part of the stream, I felt consciousness, most not human; It would come up from behind me every so often then pull away once I focused additional attention on the energy spots for a moment. In the one capture where I bring the camera through the tree while angled at the rapids, I felt another energy source. I looked around and right near me was a spider. Respectively, I apologized for invading the space, and I saw that it was just a heads up to try and not destroy its web as I was filming the final shot next to the rapids. The Native Americans told me this is common to them to hear, speak, and feel the moments as such.

The things that occur while on a nature walk. 🙂

On my way back I passed 2 hikers carrying cameras, their journey had just begun. Instead of going back on to my car by staying on the trail, I decided to go off the path once more and what I discovered was something amazing. Watch the video to see it in motion.

While there, I found a great frame to model in. I placed my backpack on the large rock I was standing on, then my camera on top of it. I activated the 10-second timer and once I got the right placement, I pressed the button and posed. I did this 5 times and these are the results.

After walking back to almost where the car was parked, I had felt more of what I was processing. The energy fluctuation feelings, I processed another level of me.

I can shift and be this or that or. I know I am capable of it all. Austin Power’s surfaced and played in my minds eye, I had my mojo all along.

Tony Hulse

I also got to test out my control arm for the DJI Pocket. This would be the first time in action.

Thanks for watching, reading, viewing. Rate it how you feel it, share it if you love it. Social media quick links are located at the top of the page for convenience. I filled out the (shared post) blurb too if you are not good at writing.

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