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I took this game for a spin during its free play week. This title gained over $20 million from crowdfunding and it is looking amazing, but there is so much missing and the bugs are pretty bad, not as bad as Fallout 76 but they do get annoying. Anyways, here are some videos of my play through.

In this first video, I take a ship out to a location on the map only to discover it has been destroyed and when I exited my ship, it was moving backwards so I was lost in space and all I could do was head towards the broken space station with my oxygen running out.

(They should have an auto-balancing suit system)

Since I was trapped, I started my game over. I was trying to figure out how to land on a planet but soon realized that you cannot do that just yet since the game is still in beta. I did manage to get some good quantum drive warp footage, however. But I had to quit because the game bugged out and prevented me from leaving the 2nd cockpit.

For now, I uninstalled this games 45 GB’s worth of files and look forward to a functional title with explorable worlds, once it gets there. In the meantime, here are some warp drive clips from the video above.

Background Image From NASA

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