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LUV XX Scenes 1-8 Full

In the series, something is taking place within a dream world and a real world. In this post, the eighth scene has been...

Fallout 76 Patch 11

I played a scavenger. My power armor added to my carry weight like whoa! Getting into the equipped PA froze the game. Y...

LUV XX Director chat

This video contains spoilers of future events and plots on the LUV XX series. The director of LUV XX talks about conve...

My Demo Reel

My Demo Reel I am working diligently to expand this and what I have done so far is astonishing. From development, fi...

Image Type

I wanted to go to Hawley, PA. It was calling my name from the very moment I heard it as I was out. At first, I was goin...


This husband and wife want to restore their love and find much more. An offer came to them that couldn't be refused and...

Axis Shift

I watched the environment shift One thing after another and still occurring. Who else viewed the environment as if shif...

The Hike

Things I came across while on my adventure included crop circles in the Forest. mixed wetlands. There was a path and a ...

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