Yogi Coyote

I have a class called “Yogi Coyote.” This is where I mix a custom built yoga style with a spiritual craft of magic, sounds, smells, and thoughts. I am able to take every aspect of each being and separate them with every move. The aspects travel outward in a moments flash, then as the move shifts, the aspects come back into being. The aspects travel out to gather information to bring back into the center of each persons’ being. Although it may seem like the time between each move would not be enough to travel far distances or attain enough data to make a difference, the speed at which they travel is like an astral projection at the speed of light. The class with the mix of senses and mind clearing act as an anchor and this class is only hosted once a month. The data that comes through and into the being takes about a month to digest and shift. In that phase, the superbeing will beseeching for more and in that movement they can both define a new life through their new expertise and also expand more with the next monthly class. Secretly, I also take a huge part in the process. Beyond the visible, I help direct the flows of all beings I interact with. I listen to their monad soul and assist in bringing that supreme directive into light. It is fun and I have countless stories of the souls aspects and their stories bestowed unto me. I will be starting a class in Milford, PA in the upcoming weeks if anyone is interested in coming, let me know so I can rsvp you. Space is limited.

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