What The Future Holds Today (Part 1)

If you could own a shapeshifting vehicle, would you? First, you will see large brand manufacturers come out with rides that can shape change into various branded IP’s. This is done to keep exclusivity and uniqueness to the brands. Then as the technology is further understood and becomes an easier resource to develop with, you will see independent designers pop up all over. This is evident as it is how every other trend has expanded. In film for example, once the technology was consumer priced, Indie projects ignited onto the scene which shaped the way for the demand of digital video embedding and hosts, in-turn propelling web host companies like YouTube into the online positioning freedom they presently have.

Including futuristic features like the Digital Control Paint from IVI Technologies (A Dimension144 Company), you will be able to change the car colors and add any design of the paint that best suits your mood on-the-fly via a mobile app with drag-and-drop features. Allowing this much customization is just the beginning of what is in store for the world we live in. The realm of creativity is about to flourish in ways that even science fiction stories couldn’t have even grasped.

The BLACKBIRD by The Mill, comes with an augmented reality application that allows clients to see their vehicle overlaid on the frame in real time. This is just a preview of how the vehicles will be able to shapeshift in real life.

Now that you have tasted a slice of the future, let’s reel you back into the present to see where this particular movement of the future stemmed from and learn more about other future designs in the motion picture field.

In the film industry, it can get costly to acquire certain vehicles for shoots. Production teams can also experience delays if it is a new model car going through revisions or recalls. The crew at the creative visual FX company, The Mill, teamed up with JemFX, Performance Filmworks, and Keslow Camera to design the BLACKBIRD. Little did they know it would propel things far beyond the needs it was originally designed for. Its primary function is to provide a cost-effective solution to scenes with a vehicle as an element in the shot.

Car manufacturer companies can be at a total win with this grand design. If they know the width, length, and wheel spacing of a new vehicle in design development, they can go ahead and utilize the BLACKBIRD and film a commercial then overlay the final body design in post afterwards. This vehicle comes with equipped with motion tracking, 3D laser scanning, and a camera array unit. The laser scanning offers realistic CG renderings that reflect perfectly on the vehicles glossy surface and window/mirror reflections.

Knowing about physical and digital technology and then applying it to new models, sets those brands far apart and reveals who isn’t afraid to create the new lines of life. all the pieces are available to begin developmental production of the shapeshifting vehicles. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be driving a multi-model car that can change design and color based on your driving mood? Vehicles with the elemental structure used to make them shapeshifting are also lightweight and are stronger than stitched carbon kevlar. The shifting frame allows the vehicles to go compact when parking, freeing up over 50% of space. Dimension144’s, IVI Technologies loves creating new trends that are everlasting and this complete system is just one of those outlets that can redefine transportation.

Another exciting technology from Dimension144’s, IVI Technologies, is C-Me, which allows any recorded scene to be fully editable and adjustable at any moment. The technology is formed from an IP system of newly designed camera systems and editing programs. What this offers is a completely unique experience every time a commercial is viewed. Different colors, designs, locations, shift seamlessly so that the same car commercial you watched during every commercial break, is not beating you with boredom. It can be something as subtle as the first time you see a new car advertisement, the car was red, and the next time it airs, the car is blue. Or it can go even further in detail and there can be a new design or custom paint job on the car, even the location can be different. In the commercial world, two advertisements are never the same.

Commercials are also then be recycled as new product designs are made. Think about a soda commercial and the can design changes based on the holiday, special edition, or any of the other quirky things that are made as a label. The environments can also be adjusted too. Clothing trends change quickly and what is worn is editable, basically, everything in the scene becomes a sandbox. The only thing that remains the same is the camera pan, and that too is also being designed to be fully adjustable. With the new camera systems and data collectors from the IP at IVI Technologies, once an original scene is shot, the data of the environment is also recorded and will allow you to move the camera anywhere in the scene in post. This requires a few systems to be placed on the sets of any film to collect the data, but the experience it provides is completely priceless. Beyond just being able to edit the scenes in post-production, this will also allow end-users to completely immerse themselves in the scene, film, show. As the technology expands, Dimension144 intends to make the scenes fully interactable so viewers can have a direct impact on the events that take place, carry conversations with background characters, read and play content in the worlds, and many other features that will make the experience beyond what television and films presently provide. The systems utilize an advanced artificial intelligence called the Dimensionalist AI. This unit generates proposed worlds as the end-user chooses how to engage with things and can alter the main events to coincide with the chosen actions. How a person experiences this type of depth, is also part of the massive design structure of this futuristic exclusive.

Data collection was originally thought of as intrusive, but with this movement of technology, it can become a pleasurable treat. For Example, if you have been binging on a show on Netflix, a commercial elsewhere is populated to theme around what you have been paying more attention to. Perhaps you will hear a radio advertisement with your favorite actor or character, or if you are watching cable tv, maybe you’ll encounter the show you love watching cross into another universe to reveal a product. Who knows what you will get to see as each person has their own unique advertisement experiences. This opens a new realm of impressiveness that is far beyond anything ever offered before through experience. Well, sort of. We all know that trick in the real world where whatever we think about the most, our attention is drawn to that and it to us. That same understanding was applied to the creative functioning behind many of Dimension144’s technologies and ideas. Actors get a leg-up from the widespread abilities that this technology gives. During filming, the Dimensionalist AI, collects data to render the actors into a virtual world. It’s not their likeness, technically, it’s actually them, their DNA coding, and their history embodied in holographic forms.

A local Taxi Company even picks up in near Dothraki sea and Essos! Here, a viewer was watching Game of Thrones and also uses Uber/Lyft. This commercial was computer rendered and populated based off of user data results and a unique story is provided from a set rule of parameters. (Conceptual)

Another fine piece of future gold is Dimension144’s INSTANT application. Imagine that you are watching a television show and you see an outfit that you absolutely adore. With INSTANT, you pause the show and click on the object you want to know more about, any object. In this example, you can either buy the outfit instantly, request more information about it through email, or get taken on a side adventure about the product. Since your account will be tied into the app, clicking and buying is hassle-free, click, buy, then its sent to your doorstep. The adventure part is just as compelling, when you link your social media accounts to the app, the Dimensionalist AI program will scan profile pictures and then populate what you would look like in that outfit. The INSTANT application pairs with Dimension144’s other design, C-Me, to offer a fully rich immersive experience.

I wonder what the funny meme’s and odd overlays on the interwebs’ will look like when this is left in the hands of those creative trolls. 🙂

But it doesn’t just stop there, viewers can learn about the design elements of the outfit, watch Q & A’s from the designer, and even more so, see the scene they were just watching with their face and body now as that actor. When viewers see the outfit in motion on this scale, the outfit becomes more than just an article of clothing, it has a story to it. IVI Technologies says they are still in heavy development of this application to ensure it doesn’t become an advertisement smorgasbord or a cluster-mess that fizzles out after its initial novelty. When INSTANT is released it will be cross-platform compatible.

Viewers can also learn more about locations, products, actors, as well as other fascinating and educational content. Utilizing the complete internet as the experience provider is a huge feat to piece together into one solid application, and Dimension144/IVI Technologies seems to be the pioneers that can handle it.

Interviews, images, additional videos, and other various design elements are invested in every detail within the INSTANT application. Dimension144 predicts that when this rolls out into the market that the job dependency will increase to match the demands of the enhancements they provide. This new form of media opens up the world to a huge increase of jobs in film, programming, and newly designed markets.

With all this talk about technology to experience outwardly, what about food? Of course, natural food is the best for our bodies to consume but what happens when we can scan our system and know exactly what it needs in the present moment so we can get the best performance out of it? Or how about foods that restore our bodies structure to recalibrate our design and allow prolonged life or even eternal life? The days where bodies can instantly heal and repair, where physical appearances can be shaped on demand, and when the outerwear (clothing) can be manifested purely by thought, are nearing. Step by step, Dimension144 will be revealing these goodies as our staff presents ideas, tests out the designs and products, and hijacks the direction of the future.

Stick around and watch we Dimension144 can do.

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