Viewing in The 3rd Eye

If you are lucky enough to be able to see in autostereogram vision. This image I created will assist you in viewing new dimensions and spectral energies.

Click Here to view the full size high-resolution copy.

For those that do not know, seeing in autostereogram is easy for some while others have extreme difficulty in viewing them. A simple search online of the word “autostereogram” can render many various images to help practice, obtain the sight, and finetune its connection.

When I view in ASG, I separate the left and right eye unioned image received from the eyes to the brain, then reconnect them with a third sight that most call “3rd Eye Vision.” This makes 1-dimensional images now have a 3rd-dimensional depth. It’s like wearing 3d glasses but without the glasses. The effect creates a neural linkage within the mind/brain that can be felt internally when in use. And the “3D” carries more clarity than real-life. When in this mode, the brain processes much faster and the framerate and processing power of the mind doubles, if not more.

I am doing tests with myself to understand what “features” this unlocks in human ability. One of the many that I have discovered is when using this specific sight, the ability to see through objects is possible. Some of my recent tests have been to pair the sight of transparency with physically being able to move through the space. As of this moment, this is not possible, but with my research, I will most likely find a way. That means soon, we can walk through doors like ghosts do.

This step is the first of many to understand “phasing” and carrying the ability to bi-locate and travel throughout space/time merely by thinking it.

I am very proud to have this data and to be able to release the results on as they become more clear.

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