This Space is Whole

It’s exciting to see new things, its as if they are new, but then I see that they have been and I have known them. Today I was challenged with history, one person shared experiences that were different from the experiences I had of timelines and instances lived. It is not a debate of who summoned what and what is real, because frankly, I think both did occur. How one observes reality and how another also views that same reality, carry different values and with that type of system, it is also understood that sensual complexities can carry parallel instances that relate to the data state of the person. In many science and spirituality talks, I have come across the observer study. Matter reacts differently to every user.

Matter, what are you?

I have seen things such as the nothingness that matter comes from and also I have seen that nothing is something yet to be seen by the being.

This leads to places of inquiry to watch, question, observe and know, which almost always does lead to a deeper yearning to learn and cultivate more. In this place realities react to one another, all looking for direction from direction. I see a reflection requested and where it happens, everything changes. Preparing the kiss that enchants the enchantment.

Things can get twisted. Who says what, who experiences who? On this level of sight, there is a sensitivity that is applied to the person that chooses to share. Awakening to a whole different world, at first, proclamation comes in after moving past the fear of the fa that gets tossed at you for seeing. Ego levels of proofed arrogance remove another veil of world and delivery happens yet again. Every cultivation comes finer sense and sight. Singularity becoming vast in its space of what is known real. Every instance bringing new developments and catching the challenges begging to move past and into new form.

Ode to the witness and the cunning that can smile upon the trail of the broken.