The Watcher House

This house is stalked by an unknown person or persons. Owners of the property receive letters in the mail that are alarming and mysterious. Read what we know about this case in these videos and document.

On the way to the house, I decided to make a quick video, at this time I had only quickly browsed what this case was all about. It was on the way back to my place after going to Niagra Falls so I decided to add it to my route.

and while at the house I did a little filming of the outside and surrounding environment. You can view it in this video along with some details about the Watcher overlayed in text.

The speculation about a certain type of blood needed to access an alternate reality/dimension could be taken many different ways, however, in this case, a sacrifice is not the direction it is lead. Perhaps, all that is needed is a specific person to be in the vicinity and the portal just “unlocks.” Like a human key that is the way to experiencing an event in this world that goes far beyond our basic comprehensions. With this video and content, we hope to be contacted by the Watcher so we can gain more details on their side of a handed down quest.

The previous owners are suing the people they purchased the property from because they did not disclose the house’s history, inside the original 30-page document you can view a few details about what is contained within the letters that they received. You can view the document HERE

Whatever the case, I would be renting out the place as an air B-n-B for thrill seekers and Paranormal Guru’s to take part in the mystery which will most likely be made into a Hollywood film in the upcoming year since it has all the makings for a thiller-paranormal-mystery.

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