The Traveler (Power, Absence of Light, and Curiosity)

The Traveler is a video blog series where I go on hikes around the world and speaks about life and its many arrangements as best as he knows. Every location carries its own information and views. In this episode, I continue my hike from the day before while on the hunt for a piece of my memory that exists in the woods. Throughout the walk, you can listen to my sight of the meaning of being lost, utilizing your own power, and stepping into your design.

There are plenty of angles to life and as we observe what we know, defining and seeking become a larger part of the journey. Adventuring into the unknown can be a fun and fantastic experience if you allow it to be. On my travels, I faced many things that made my path very unpleasant. In hindsight, if I would have been strong and understanding of the steps I traversed, those moments could have provided more fruits. There is plenty to learn from the space in between. The time spent there all depends on the individual. There is plenty to face and repent, there is more to reveal, and even more to energize and stand up through deliverance. This path is not one that everyone chooses to traverse but for those brave individuals with illuminated souls that stretch beyond the cosmos, there are some very important things you may want the “heads up” about. If you come into these types of moments that I reveal, reflect back to my instruction to build your strength and confidence up so you may shine on.

Here are some images captured from the walk.