The Power of Water

Niagara Falls
If you are familiar with vibrations, audio tones, mental clearings, and reality shifts, then you can proceed with ease into this post. The experience received at this Wonder of the World is energizing and with any advanced being, can be observed to provide more than just an amazing sight and memorable experience.

The point of visiting places like this is to enjoy them and bring you to a state of being that is above previous versions of self. As the water rushes all around you externally, your senses are absorbing this informational magic and applying it to places throughout your structure. This convergence goes into places deep within your physical coding (HLA, FFA, Internal Biometrics, and DNA), as well as sources not physical in nature. Spiritual researchers, you may be able to understand the magnitude of establishing a connection through such a magnificent source of power. As the abundance of water flows past you and is perceived within you, that same amount of abundance begins to shift many embedded aspects of life. Some things that you could encounter is a change in the feeling and thought of “lack.” This external experience powerfully alters some of the hardest attachments to lower fields of energy like lack and raises the subconscious levels to begin instilling abundance into your life.

“Let The Waters Flow In”

We won’t go into the historics of this location since you can find that type of information all over the place, where we are about to venture into is the type of data you cannot find elsewhere. Welcome to Dimension144.

Once you get put on a spiritual path there is no turning back. Not because you can’t, because you can most assuredly do so, it’s simply that turning away is not an option because the benefits are far beyond what life once was. This is why we adventure, explore, and wander the universe. We search for the things we can sense outwardly that will connect to us inwardly, and the more we search for the higher more precise being, the wiser we become. And with that wisdom, it moves mountains, shapes the world, and helps humanity. We seek ways to alter our present, release dank emotions, and uplift our spirits. We know the challenges we face and are the bravest kind of human because we seek to understand life and know its maker.

Even in the gloom of our journey, we know we have come far and choose to pierce through the veil and unfold the things that are just beyond it, within arm’s reach.

If you can relate, continue reading.


Close your eyes for a moment, imagine an endless stream of living giving water flowing inside of you coming in through your head and filling you up within. The water travels to every part of your body, restoring, rejuvenating, reconnecting, and filling you with a peace and comfort that raises the pull on your face as it releases the weight and burden you have adapted. This water is light. Since when you are there in person, your eyes are feeding the light (as motion images) into your body and memory banks. The light from the falls now is part of your memory and goes through all attachments, all experiences, and brings in the power and living lighted magic into every step of your past.

This is where even more magic takes place. As the light traverses throughout your history, it begins enriching it and adjusting it to a higher power. As your past becomes rewritten, your now/present begins to change. You may notice a shift in feelings to a greater calm or enriched pleasantness. People, responses, and dialogue all come into an alternate level too. If you observe your surroundings, it is evident. The tip here is to not go too fast into the shifts, allow things to unfold until you reach a level of comfort with your reality, to interact with it at the level which you see and sense the arrangement.

It doesn’t just stop with your history either, as you begin to transform yourself and transmute your past and present reality, the light then travels to your attached mother and father information and begins to do work there too. This is just the beginning.


As it resonates through your being, it bounces into theirs. You are healing them and soon they will be healing many others. Just imagine all the people both you and your parents have interacted with throughout life. Each contact both near and far, foreground and background, begin to be touched by that same light. Since you perceived the endlessness of the water at Niagara Falls, as it overflows in you, it fills them up, and overflows in them to fill their codes and memories, and so on in all directions. You are doing amazing work here. We are connected in ways unimagined and here, we are revealing a portion of these sources to assist in visualization imagining of the process.

You are going to want to plan more than one visit to Niagara Falls to allow for an experience that holds the power of the memory to intensify the spaces in-between and with every following visit.

For the first trip, park at the Discovery Center right off the Niagara Scenic Parkway. The parking here is free and is one of the stops for the local trolley. Head inside the center and get yourself a trolley pass. For a few dollars you will have unlimited rides for the day. Once on the cart, go up 5 stops to Terrapin Point and make your way over to the Horseshoe Falls.

Enjoy the waterfalls and power for as long as you feel inclined to. When you are ready, stroll along the trail and go back 1 stop to the Cave Of The Winds. Get a ticket at the booth up front and head on over to the theater for a quick insight of the human history of Niagara and how it changed the world. The experience inside the theater is amazing and offers a new approach to how movie theaters can build a better immersion.

After the film, they provide you with sandals to put on, because you are about to take an express elevator to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls, a name that is fitting since it removes blinders as you near the sight.

As you walk down the wooden trail, pay close attention to your internal audio and head shifts. There will be a section that creates an attunement. The audio affirmation sort of sounds like someone turning a radio dial to find that perfect zone where the signal comes in, but instead of static, it’s a movement between a singular tone riding up and down the scale until you are in alignment with everything. Your levels are going to raise. You may hear Hertz levels around 432 to 528 and even higher.




Stick around the area and inhale the freshly churned water and mist from the rocks and the other observable forces. To be at the base of this waterfall and to look up and see the endless flow of H2O coming towards you, is magical beyond words and the wonders it does for the inner worlds has just begun. Beings that carry an advanced intelligence and ability to detect personal physical anomalies and have undergone advanced spiritual training, your work here travels at lightning fast speeds throughout your connected timeline. Now, as you proceed, you will face many decisions with a clearer conscious and you will also have assistance from unseen forces to bring you up into total divination. Each human will receive different instructions and if you stray, there will be help. This area of connection is taught under direct supervision from assigned guides at Dimension144.

You may have noticed (or will now begin to notice) the push and pull/give and take from the universal forces and there is an explanation for this assistance. It brought you to this page, of all places you could be right now, and it will carry you to transforming into your highest self. But let’s not jump too far ahead of the waves. We’ve got some meditation to do first.

After you feel comfortable and are ready to leave the Cave Of The Winds sections, take the elevator back up, grab something to drink (and eat if you are feeling stomach empty), head over to the gift shop and see if there is anything you would like to help you retain the power absorbed. Having a keepsake can serve as a conductor between the waterfalls, the memory, the energy transmission, and boost your signal.

When done there, await the trolly and head back to the Discovery Center parking lot. Your waterfall trip is complete for the day. You will be returning again for the 2nd set of downloads and in-between these trips, you will begin training yourself on how to hold the energy you received so that it may become your new baseline moving forward. We have much work to do but all of it is great and you will see the benefits of alternating your mindset to continuously enforce your fresh outlook, you will become your challenge and you must listen to your directions within.

If you are feeling up for one last charge, head over to 1308 Ontario Ave and check out the design of Isaiah Henry Robertson. This house is called, Prophet Isaiah’s Second Coming House, and features hand-painted art and a large cross. Connecting to this energy field with the new coding’s you are integrating, magnifies and serves as a spiritual affirmation to your subconscious and other things not yet defined for the public.

This wraps up the first part of Niagara Falls and the attuning repositioning. There are many topics to go into just from the sections within this post and we would like to know what you need help in learning and what you have questions about. Let us know about your experiences via our social media links at the bottom of the page. And keep your energies up.

Now is time to meditate and reflect. Listen to your inner world and as things arrive, approach them not with the being you used to be, greet them with the being you are and are becoming. This allows space for new understanding and wisdom to form along with release.

Dimension144, your guide.
Please note that this information here/in and its effects can be delivered instantaneously or gradual (over/in time). This depends on your conditions.

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