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The first week of March 2018 has been an intense reception of information that has branched some reality questions. I was sent some interesting data from various sources that I would like to share with you in this post.



I want to state that this information is just that, data. Until I personally verify it with my own eyes, this information makes the reality faulted. The data within this post is extensive and leads to many questions about what I have known as factual. Although knowing that this may be true, I am not angry for the blanket of reality that has been presented prior to this. I understand that just like everything, we must learn and take steps into the development of humanity. There are many reasons I can see to disclosed this and why certain milestones would need to be surpassed before releasing this type of information. One is 7 continent-universal peace.

The information that follows will greatly explain my deduction. In-between the data provided will be my balance. I understand why I needed to get to this point, to remain calm and to be able to come at this with a clear head. Without any more delay, here is the DISCLOSURE I have.

How do you know things are what they are? You have either experienced it personally, dreamed about it, or believe what someone else has relayed to you.
This week I have received some information that has led me on an incredible rabbit hole of details. First, I want to present to you a map.

This map was published in the Hawaiian Gazette on January 11, 1907 (Page 2). you can see the official article online Here. In the center of the map is the land’s I have been taught are the only ones that exist on Earth (although connected differently than I have been relayed). Outside the epicenter circles, the map reveals many more large land masses. The article says that the map was made at the beginning of the 1800’s and was found in a Buddhist Temple in the mountains of central Japan.

Now, the first question that arises in my mind is, Can the Earth be a lot larger than I know? And before anyone reading this pops up with the question, “if this is true, why would they hide this from the general public of the 7 continents?”, I will state that everything has its reasons and everything in proper time does surface. Just like any of the inward-meditation-spiritual posts on Dimension144 that I have gone over, the information is there for those that wish to seek it and in order to understand it, you have to become knowledgeable of the reasons. When you begin finding yourself, you have to start looking at yourself from angles that are not you and you have to expand your mind to be able to question and observe differences in order to see a clearer picture of understanding. The physical reality is no different.

I am certain that as I and we investigate this further, we will find many reasons as to why this was the order of the laws of reveal. WE cannot get mad or act in violence with the information we discover about our past, nor can we go on a raid of destruction. We must come at this data from a new angle on enlightenment if we want to continue to grow and learn more. Any agitation is merely going to slow or halt our progression. As we learn the reasons why this has been hidden, if this is factual, we must move forward and learn from our lessons, mistakes, and directions. There is nothing to fear when we approach everything with a better balance and higher state of being. With that said, there is a bunch of data that needs to be disclosed in this post. Each article in question connects to the next and all assist in painting a picture of the reality I have known, the reality beyond that knowledge, the blanket of reality, the possibilities based off this data, and the questions to verify the information.

I will give you the research I have found to collaborate with the data I have received.
The 2nd piece of information comes from an interview dated December 8th 1954. The show is called Longines Chronoscope.

In this clip an Admiral of the United States Military, Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr., states there is land the size of the United States located beyond Antarctica. If you look at the map I posted, you can see land masses past the outer rings that similarly matches the description. Although this is a long shot, it may start to get some gears turning. You can view the full presentation Here. The wording by the Admiral falls in line with the details to follow regarding the things that they needed to “observe.”

Basing it on this map, there are two locations that he could be talking about, but that is basing it on this map. Again, this is just information until it is personally verified. However, when you look into policies about visiting the land to see if it is factual, Globally, you are met with resistance. There are policies in place that prevent human access to certain parts. This could be from many various common sense factors as in harsh weather conditions to reserving nature, but it could also be for other reasons. Within the reports of data explaining the lands beyond the 7 Continents, there is an extensive amount of details about barriers. In the data, it states that there are non-human elements that surround the area and serves to keep “unworthy” guests from “entering the beyond.” I kid you not, this is what was sent to me. You can probably imagine how difficult it is to verify or discredit any this by only utilizing the internet and human sources. The deeper I dug, the more branches I found. And as I came at everything with an open mind, the research reflected the data I received directly.

One of the most important things that I learned from working in the film and entertainment industry is that we use this media to drip feed information into the consciousness of humanity. Although some data may seem fantasy, there is truth within it. A lot of the programming prepares, subdues, and also trains our minds. Things become more digestible if we are somewhat used to the fact that it may exist. If you take a step back and observe media both in television, movie, radio, book, periodicals, trends, and social media, you can begin to populate a common set of groups. Within these groups, you can research the data and in most cases, you can find a buildup to the next release of public information and mental direction.

As the research continues in this post, I will be bringing in various forms of entertainment media into the picture. Although some things may be much more grandiose in entertainment (which is generally the case since it is made to entertain-enter in), the information helps build an image of the collaborating data. This could be some creatively designed fantasy, unbelievable truth, or a mix of both. The data continues further to convey information that challenges the size and placement of Earth, what Earth is, what is accessible on Earth, and other claims including terrestrial plains.

On my adventure into understanding about what may be beyond Antarctica, I first questioned if we have the proper tools to do a non-stop flight to verify. I also dived into researching the mechanics to guide someone across the vast plains. If I am to take a trip as such, I would need to make certain that the equipment I used as navigation could not be tampered with. I know that navigational compasses can be hacked through altering magnetic fields regardless of shielding. Landlines and sun navigation could also be tampered with via weather controls. I know that we can make many types of weather including clouds, as I was able to witness firsthand a device in action in San Francisco, CA (USA) that created clouds by sending sonic pulses into the atmosphere. With this in mind, visible navigation of land-sun-and-marks can also be skewed. The reason why I am being very precise about the navigation is, I have come across various sources of information online that state that anyone attempting to explore the region will be navigated back around through various services that tamper with the flight assistance. Basically, the online sources said that they will screw with all your gear which will redirect you back to whence you came. Some of this sounds like a bunch of paranoia from my online contacts, but I have to keep my mind open and ask, why would “they” go to an extent like that?

This is where the next set of data really blew my mind.

In the movie Annihilation, a group of female military scientists enters into an ether-like substance they call “The Shimmer”. It is located in a mysterious quarantined zone full of mutating landscapes and creatures.

In parts of the data I received, there are some words that are difficult to understand because of the nature and placement of what is said. I will try my best to convey that information here. It stipulates that after you make it past the ice barrier and bombardment of coldness and high winds, you come to an area that slightly resembles the type of event shown in the Annihilation film. Open minded, I have come across much data in quantum sciences that suggest there could be areas such as this around the world. A well-known area that gives alternate readouts is the Bermuda Triangle. Even in the Ancient Origins post, I write about the possibilities of teleportation from room to room within the pyramid of Giza. Also knowing about alternate realities and portals and having knowledge beyond the average person that possesses just a view built into them from a sci-fi film, I can see how this may be possible. And so I went deeper into the data. In diving deep into the research, I came across countless sources that talk of a firmament that holds similarities to what is described in the data. Heck, the Holy Bible even speaks of such a thing. In that holy book, it speaks of this object that separates realities. It gets deeper than this, but first I want to go into the information of a firmament with the readers of this posting.

In Biblical cosmology, the firmament is the structure above the atmosphere, conceived as a vast solid dome. According to the Genesis creation narrative within the Holy Bible, God created the firmament to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth. Like a child in a womb then coming out into the world through birth, 2 completely different realities exist. What the data is suggesting is that the edge of this dome is real and is accessible. The information suggests that Anartica is the way to face the dome and that the dome has been tested and access beyond it has happened. What the online sources suggest is that Antarctica completely surrounds the outer ring (seen in the map image above) and past the dome, the world extends indefinitely. In my many years of investigative research, there have been countless images that would suggest that this style of an alternate reality exists and are existing at the same time. It also suggests that just like going through the grades in school, until a certain mental age, the information is blanketed over. I want to discuss the possibilities of what is beyond the dome and what is beyond that beyond, but first, we need to know if this firmament is legit or not.

This is where the road splits into two. I started to question this legitimacy because of our relayed adventures into space. One one side of the fence there are people that believe we have and are doing space travel, then on the other side of the fence, there is a large amount of online research says that space travel is not factual. Could this be a blanket? If this all winds up being true, damn. So space as I know it might be a hologram transmitted on this dome?

Shows like The Simpson’s, Under The Dome, and movies like the Truman Show, all reveal a seeding information about a boundary in reality that can be passed if a way is found. Even the Ice Wall in Game of Thrones carries a leading significance. Also in this online research, I came across an abundant amount of websites that talked about the precise significances of specific scenes within each media and how the names of characters, places, and even the show titles themselves all reveal a connecting collaboration. And the deeper I went, the more connected everything became. It didn’t matter if it was consciously planned or not, it had happened and it was here staring me right in the face. One thing I learned from my meditation and spirituality practices is that consciously or not, the force to drive us to act, reveals we are all vessels for our own good. That information is hard to swallow because of all the negative aspects that have occurred in my life both personally and through relays from others. However, as every day leads into the next, I observe more clarity that solidifies the higher force delivering my actions, thoughts, and passion.

Let’s talk space. Actually, let’s see space.

You see in the video that once it reaches a certain point the rocket hits this “Space Jelly” and slows down the rocket to a complete halt. The rocket doesn’t crash and crush like a car does when it hits a wall, the shape remains intact. If it hit a dome barrier, it would bounce off and shatter. This jelly-like barrier could be a number of things and perhaps it’s an electromagnetic dome. Just like when two magnets of opposite polarities try and connect, there is a tension between them. An electromagnetic dome barrier could absorb an impact and also halt the motion from progressing, preventing anything leaving the Earth. You can view another video HERE.

Ok, so this gets scary and interesting, doesn’t it? Scary because of the questions that pop up when viewing the shape of Earth from that angle and the space jello that stopped the rocket without damage. Thoughts like Ozone layers, space travel, and many other leading questions flowed into me. What is valid? What have I known, and how far away from the truth is it? Again, here is a good time to state, blame is not an option. I can understand why ‘comfort in not knowing’ makes the world seem larger than seeing the possibilities that exist with thinking of how small this space may be that we live in. This also leaves us a large space to make things right in the world as a complete structure. To look beyond all history, to know that all paths led us to right now, and to understand the choice to build a better unified present moment. As I saw all this, I also saw that in our best efforts as one, we have a better chance at something special. Just like in school, in every grade you receive more information, you see more things, and you know more; in our combined efforts we may have another blanket (this dome), open up and reveal a new world of life beyond that. It then seems that it would be our choice how to move forward. Who knows what can happen in a place so fantastical.

The Matrix leads this paragraph. In the film, Cypher finds out about the world on an expanded level and wants to forget. If you found out that we were stuck here in this dome and there is an outside and there is also a force keeping us in, would you persevere or request to become unconscious again to enjoy a simple life? Some would ask for the simple life because of the current state of worldly affairs. I get that, I truly do. However, I also know of alternates and potentials about how this reality can be adjusted via frequencies to formulate alternate realities of endlessness all within the same space. But let’s not get too far out ahead. There is still a lot to lead into, connect, understand, question, and verify. From this research, the question of ‘technology delivery’ should pop up if you are doing your investigative job proficiently.

With all this information, a specific packet of data can be searched on the internet and gathered from selected media. Ok, so if this is all true, then the nations know. If there is something beyond the dome blanket, who has traversed it?

In this interesting video by the alcoholic company Hennesy, you have a recreation of when Swiss physicist Auguste Antoine Piccard reached the stratosphere (1931). If you watch the clip it shown a firmament separating Earth from the world above it. Also noted in the Holy Bible Psalm 139:8. Interestingly enough, after Auguste went up into the stratosphere, he quickly switched to deep ocean exploration. Accounts suggest that he thought at the bottom of the ocean was the top of the waters that were above the stratosphere or at the bottom of the waters he would find space, creating a never-ending looped paradox. His son, Jacques Piccard, allegedly became the first person to explore the deepest part of the world’s ocean, and the deepest location on the surface of Earth’s crust, the Mariana Trench. It is accounted that Jean described the bottom having a “snuff colored ooze” and not a hard surface. Since the time when he went to now, humanity has expanded its vocabulary and has also been exposed to many various new aspects, via film, tv, and other media. What this could be described as now, could be different and more detailed than prior because of our expanded relatabilities in the present moment.

Now, as if all that information wasn’t enough, what I am about to relay from the data I received makes this reality even more intensely mystical, magical, wonderous, and insane.

With this information, I then apply it to other thoughts and data that I have come into and have been relayed. First, how does this affect the mental status of being enclosed (trapped) and does the mind have control to expand the range or remove the block altogether? Knowing about mental power its ability to send and transmit signals to adjust bodily feelings, local realities, and perceptions of others through the transmission of enhanced behaviors and projected material arrangements, we can then approach this from multiple angles. From the physical, we are to understand what and why this is. Although we can only see the results based off of what we know and the ideas that manifest, we can begin to design multiple baselines. Regardless of how intelligent we may think we are, this design is something far beyond our scope of present data, therefore, we should do our best to not jump to any conclusions. No matter how we look at any of this, we do not know how the “play” works, what the ultimate design is, or the direction it can create. We are not sure and that is certain. This experience we are having is a collaboration. Although the force and design behind our momentum is singular, as we function within this structure our individualities help mold placements both in micro and macro engagements. This may also reveal how things are done and happening beyond our vibrational view.

As for the online and in-person research of the dome, the space jello magnetism, and what is beyond that, this is where anything past the presenting information, simply turns invisible. The trail ends. With this, it does make verifying the next batch of data received, rather difficult by any means other than physically going to these proposed edges as an eyewitness and then engaging with whatever substances may be found beyond it. The data then branches off again and these parts are amazing in my mind’s eye. It states that depending on where you enter and exit the layer, you might travel forward and back in time on the set vibrational timeline, you might step into the horizon and be able to explore the expansion that is beyond the reality within the dome/sphere, you might transmute into an alternate coding of frequencies that form a completely different reality of experience, you might dematerialize although still have consciousness of yourself as part of an energy/aether form, and then there are some branches that describe meeting the source of this presentation, to ‘waking up’ out of a simulation and into another reality, and even more placements of unique circumstances including meeting another intelligent being on the otherside that is like a tour guide to the larger world. There are so many branches of possibilities within the data sent. Perhaps it was sent to invoke the curiosity to begin exploring the world differently and begin opening up the mind to new formats.

Since the information is limited it brings me back to looking at what has been presented recently in media in order to find commonalities and a possible direction of the mass consciousness and its behaviors. This also has many branches and just like a magician, while the trick is being performed on the stage, observing what may be happening behind the scenes and by pulling myself out of the center of action to observe potentials, I can attain various angles of data. Then with that data set, I have to design many alternate angles to run parallel and against what I observed. This makes it possible to find the faults in my own perceptions and also find the truth in all the realities perceived. The thing is to not get ‘up in arms’ about any data that comes through. That type of behavior is very trapping and makes progression nearly impossible. As life continues, the experiences lived builds up an epic story and within it,
if you are ‘woke’ you can notice how life’s mysticalness has directed you through situations to make you become aware of certain aspects. Some may not be crystal clear, but enough become evident as they surface that you can begin to view something larger than yourself or the collective of humanity is in order.

This is where the rabbit hole goes deeper and branches into numerous places yet again. Is this the magician’s distraction and is this designed so that we investigate an area? This is followed by asking, is the knowledge I have received about the world even legit? Is it even worth seeking or should I just focus on my personal development, is this part of my development or is this a distraction from it? This data did come to me at an opportune moment in my life and could be reflected many ways. Questions facing more questions. You see, it is not just the knowing, it is many other factors, and then there comes a moment where you say “fuck it” and push forward to get more clarity. Am I close to something or going further away? Either way, the path taken will greatly help those behind me who may traverse on this path or a similar one. So if I am going to go into this, I might as well dive as deep as I can without an ounce of fear in my mind as to what I may find in the depths. This mindset has lead me into passways within the mind, body, and spirit that have trained me for this moment.

As I continued my research into these claims of data, I came across even more information of questionable activities. In the deep web, I came across this,

I do not know where this clip originates from but it sure is interesting to see. What some reports say is that pyramids have been discovered in the Arctic, that there is a huge doorway that leads into another world, and there is an opening to the depths of the Earth. Within some of these reports are documents that discuss that when the human military went towards the door opening that they were greeted by other advanced lifeforms that were not human. This is interesting. It’s either true or we have an impressive imagination. To assist in this visualization, if you search through the rendered google maps, located at 79°58’39.25″S 81°57’32.21″W, you can see a mountain/structure that similarly reflects a pyramid. However, this is not the structures shown in that video clip. When browsing through google maps there are many areas that are blank, such as, Here, Here, Here, an odd Triangle, strange tracks, A group of houses?, a road with tracks that leads into a blank space, following those tracks as best as possible leads to another even blanker space where the trail runs cold, and this area is just a cluster of wierd layers. And none of which still bring us closer to what that video had to show. The US government website has a classification for a location in Antarctica titled “The Pyramid.” It’s coordinates can be viewed on google maps Here. Because of this location my trail picked back up with some information.

I first start with the Terra Nova Expedition of 1910.

Images provided by Getty Images. Click on an image to go full screen and view more.

A group of pioneers set out to be the first to reach the South Pole. The trip was a private venture, financed by public contributions augmented by a government grant. However, this group was beaten by 34 days by Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen and his Norwegian team. Bouncing through sites upon sites in the deep web of information of the expeditions, I wanted to find some sort of details about where it felt like there, what the magnetics functioned like, how time operated, where there any observable matter differences in the senses or in the reality. Nowhere online was there any accounts of this type of questioning information. This leads me to think that either these types of things were not thought of during that time era, or, if they were, something was unexplainable and undocumented. Either way, there is information missing to help understand parts of this world and should be tested now. On spiritual levels, there are many questions about the poles that need to be felt too and documented. There are many aspects to this reality that should be approached with our new ways of knowing and that is where I will be sending myself and a crew of skilled professionals around the world to gather such evidence and data.

The search of the expeditions was inspiring and has prepped me for travel in many ways, however, it led to a dead end again for obvious information but it was not a total loss. I came across a word that continued to pop-up, the word, Agartha. Research reveals that Agartha (sometimes referred to as Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth’s a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth’s core. This may seem far-fetched just like everything else, I know I was taught in school that the earth is lava/magma, but then again, this is what was told to me. If I take a step back, it isn’t so hard to see that there may be a possibility of life within the planet like shown in the films and books titled “Journey To The Center of The Earth.’

Before I continue, I would like to state that I know that this post is bouncing all over the place. The information is scattered and there is very little that can be done from my room. I am providing you with a step-by-step account of how the information unfolded to me and complimenting it with my knowledge and suggestions. Obviously, there is more work to be done and actually going in person to these places and revealing-disclosing-providing the public with my fresh eyes of perspective and my ability to carefully record footage that can be digested by our minds, is a drive and part of my function. I know there is much more than what we know. I believe that I can access alternate planes of reality and that I will do so both with technology and through other natural forms. I understand that there are some large questions about our lives that need answers so that we, collectively, can direct our being into new fields of data. I think that the system we have in place is severely flawed and is outdated. I hope that I can make a difference and unite humanity through unlocking new codes of experience so that our minds, senses, and other workings can carry a more developed communication. What is there that our mind does not allow us to see, what are we that our thoughts prevent us from being, how deep are we within the realm of our being and what are we to unfold next, what of the world we live in is actually the world we know, and to what extent must I go to find out these newly surfaced questions and truths?

There are allegedly several entrances to the Kingdom of Agharta throughout the world: Some are planetary grid points – indwells and outwells of energy.
• Kentucky Mammoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
• Manaus, Brazil
• Morona-Santiago in Ecuador, discovered by Juan Moricz.
• Mato Grosso, Brazil – City of Posid
• Iguazu Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina
• Mount Epomeo, Italy
• Himalayan Mountains, Tibet – the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks
• Mongolia – the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China
• Rama, India – beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama
• Great Pyramid of Giza
• King Solomon’s Mines
• North and South Poles
• Mount Shasta, California – the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain
• Dero Caves – Atlantean link

Tibetans, Indians, Native Americans, and Buddhist’s all talk about a sub-terranean ancient cavern and tunnel system that is occupied by super(human) beings. now that you have this name give it a search and see what kind of things pop up. Amongst the locations, there it is again, the south pole. Chances are, that something within this post may have captured your curiosity to investigate further and to learn more. As I continued my comparing notes, one thing was for certain, the what if’s are building. Many gurus say you have to unlearn what you’ve learned if you want to truly be free. How deep does this go? And who is willing to traverse these depths with me?

I have come across tons of shared information over the past few years in the sciences world about polarities. How our bodies just like anything else, has two poles of entrance/exit. If you look at any piece of fruit you can see how the poles affect the visual surface design of the delicious food. What I am populating is that just like putting two magnets together, the field or resistance is not visible to the untrained eye, sounds are invisible to the untrained eye, emotions felt when entering a room or being around someone are also conveyed invisibly, and the ‘air’ inhaled and exhaled all make up some of the many known facets that operate beyond our untrained bodies use. We can detect these things using technology and some through our behaviors, but what can we trigger to activate the sight of the unseen and how can we toggle it on and off like a switch or node? I ask this because as I adventure into these places (some forbidden to most), I and my team will have to be able to detect the reality on higher planes of intellect through our senses and other workings and run them alongside our technologies.

(Update: 3/24/2018)
During my break I created this video to share how the firmament could look from the outside and from within:

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