The Adventures of The Dimensions Guild

In this page, you will get to uncover more of what it means to be a dimensionalist as we game together across many platforms in a guild.

In this thing we have called forth as a challenge of our lives, gaining the competitive edge and finding like-minded players, is key to success. Both aspects should be considered but not worshipped, as you might just rightfully know, that type of thinking processes a large amount of disappointment when results fail to deliver any parallel requests. Action and Expectation may drive you to a point, but after you get there, you must utilize other wits about you to advance to the next stages of expansion.>

What you equip, earn, and have as assets, determines the amount of support you can receive from other players. Stocking up early on and learning through action, questioning with trial, and observation, can all raise your self-worth in the arena.

Get your head in the game if you want to win.

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