The Dimension144 Transmutation Box

Would you like to be fully equipped for your first travel interdimensionally? The team at Dimension144 and IVI Technologies have designed a monthly kit that will get you into gear.

Introducing the Dimension144 Transmutation Box!

As a 144TB subscriber, every month you have a box delivered right to your local reality. Every item that is included in the box is carefully selected by utilizing generated data of the past and present. The contents are then crafted to fit the direction of your reality and to prepare you for what is next. Dimension144 has teamed up with some of the universe’s brightest designers to give you the best possibilities. Every item has a reason and as you interact with them, your consciousness connects to an infinite exemplum.

The box itself features a design intended to magnify the hadron’s electromagnetic force of its contents and whoever is in possession of the boxes. Every month new magnification coding is embedded on and in every box. Consistent subscribers will have the privilege of first-contact-upgrades.

Being a hipster has never been more beneficial.

If you would like to learn more about the Dimension144 Transmutation Box and when they will be available for the public, send an email to with your request.

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