The Design of Life 2.0 (Information From the Top – Delivered to You)

The definition of “work/jobs” is changing. As we step forward into the new age of machines and understandings, the responsibilities also alter. Right now, head leaders from all around the world are working out the new mechanics to how wealth can be equally shared. The money system we have known is taking a radical change. The way we work and what we work for, is also adjusting dramatically. There are many processes in place to ensure that no-one is left behind. This major shift in technology is adjusting energy sources as well. Environmentally, with the energy sources, the planet itself will finally get some breathing space and as the planet gets better, the overall health of humanity and every living being here will greatly increase and be prolonged. You are all here to witness the closing chapter of an outdated system and bare witness to a new design of life motion.

Yes, this type of thing is shocking, because it is not your normal life. This is not what you are used to. However, we believe that these significant changes can happen and quickly and with your support, be a completely smooth transition. We understand the basic necessities of survival and that is the very first aspect that is addressed in this new design of life. All people will be taken care of. We believe that in order for this shift to happen smoothly and prompt, that all of society should have the basic resources of life at no cost. We believe this will open up time for families to take better care of their household and grow deeper connections to families and relationships. The removed stress that happened from working as much as most people have now had to, will greatly help morale, reduce stress, increase health, and bring people closer.

The new job/workforce system is just as different. Since all of the public will have the basic needs taken care of, employment is to gain additional credits for those extra things you may want. It works just like the commerce system that we have grown used to, but now is more giving since the survival needs are provided. Companies and corporations are also altering. The credit system that they earn to produce more, is governed. Every aspect of life is being looked at. Every type of experience that life provides is being dissected. Humanity itself is stepping into a new union of freedom. If you choose to just live, you may do so, and if you choose to work or put forth an effort to help humanity progress, you receive notable respect. In the new system, respect gives you some of the most amazing things coming forth into this new world we are designing.

Although there may still be some crimes that occur, with the systematic changes in effect, it is analyzed that crime will be reduced by 80% worldwide. This number is slated to be at 0% as we fine tune and understand the process and how to wholly connect to each and every individual. This design simply puts an end to daily life drama and miscommunication.

Many people that have gone unnoticed are acknowledged and the new systems are in place to allow creativity. They are designed to give out more options so that everyone can find their place. The jobs that are not on the “high” list of things to do, also receive new function including impressive benefits that the “gear workers” receive.

We have all realized that a change is needed, and we have listened. Change is coming and the entire system/reality is being rewritten. Everywhere, all at once, this is going to occur, it won’t eventually “trickle down from the top” many decades later.

All we can say is put your seatbelts on, because this ride is going into hyperdrive. Life asked for something better, you asked for something more to be part of. We have sought for a better meaning to experience. You have spoken and we have heard you. Now, it is time to act like we care and show you what we can do to make things right.

There are some new things we all should learn, but you can take them at your own pace. The world is going to give because you all, everyone, deserves it.

The design of life version 2.0 has begun. Welcome aboard. We are so glad you could make it.

[More details to come from Dimension144, your Local Governments, and other creditable sources.]

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