The Courage of Surrender

In this moment the touch of the divine will led me to the heights of a mountain. There, I did a photoshoot while breathing in the wondrous sights abound. On my way back, I came to a stream coming down from the top of the mountain. On the climb to the top, I noticed gold flakes everywhere in the stream. In a pairing with messages, this meant a change was about to take place. Little did I know, but after I climbed a cliff with my camera and tripod in hand, I was going to do something out of my comfort zone.

Here I was, deep in nature, when I felt the call to shed my layers and be one with the surroundings. I set up my camera and with it in place, removed all my articles of clothing. The feeling of separation was removed as I had nothing protecting me, nothing covering me, there was me, and nature, nothing else. This level of surrender brought about such an overwhelming sensation and prophetic visions. I became separate from myself and now was able to see what attachments and surroundings held my style back from being the best. This day was a pivot and the challenges I was about to face would compromise my being and also help gain back my mojo.

When on the path of supreme enlightenment, things do get rough and rocky, they also get amazing and blissful. You get a mix of experience to assist you in becoming the best possible version you can be. Where I see myself stepping into is a place worth all the hard work on myself and the environment.

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