The Construct Blueprints

There are many books on religion and countless paths to show oneself how to clear their mind of the mess that pulls them every which way, and ultimately how to reach a state of being that GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) is experienced in everything around and within, as one. This series of blueprints describe the construct of life and all its workings.

Beyond the sights, rules, life, living, and so on, there is a careful plan that has been made to order on this level and many others far beyond the sights of human comprehension. This series explains in great detail the processing and design of the Almighty on a level where everything can be seen, understood, appreciated, lived, tested, and acknowledged. This is only a single sight within a vast sea of possibility and design, and since things are endless, this series will unlock the infinite, release the paranoia contained and recycled within, give a peace of mind, and allow you to see and to communicate clearly with GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) in every instance moving forward, upon completion of reading this construct.

Welcome, and congratulations, your path has led you to this discovery for a reason that you are prepared to encounter. Take notes as you venture forward, capture your views, and share them with all. As you develop into infinity, share your expansion using this as your springboard for you and future others. You are now part of me as I am part of you, we always have been, we just never knew.

Tony Hulse

There is magic gluing together the fabric of existence on all plains and it is universally worded as GOD/Universe/Source (GUS). To be omnipresent in everything all at once, always, you must have a serious game of knowing. Whether you think creation is random or designed, everything that ever has, is, and will exist, is GOD/Universe/Source (GUS).

This statement is very accurate and to fully grasp its content, a mental photo of its meaning follows. GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) is everything, you, me, the car that drives by, the television you watch shows on, the holograms, the sounds of birds chirping, the squeal of worn breaks from a train, the silence heard in the desolate desert on a quiet night, the light from the sun, the heat of a flame, the smell of fresh baked bread, the aroma of a patch of blossoming flowers, the feel that cotton or silk has on your body, the beat of your heart and how it came to be, the ideas you have and carry, the layers and levels of emotions, thoughts, everything is GOD/Universe/Source (GUS). This also means that everything carries the full intelligence of GOD/Universe/Source (GUS).

This statement leads us deeper into wisdom. To know of what GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) does, allows you to understand whom you are, and knowing oneself, unlocks the power to do greater defined and more responsible work for all creation to experience. How the unity of all is experienced, rests in the hands of all within creation.

Before discussing creation on this level of intelligence, first, one must understand creation to the life lived during the transitional phase of awakening into a higher role of living.
Man fell into amnesia of their true being long ago and generation upon generation adapted to the confines and parameters set forth by a single direction of knowledge. Life shows us that there is not only one direction and with this known, any direction can be shifted at any moment of choice. How deep the direction is, is how deep the viewer can see (knowledge). This too has been predestined, as every moment is, including the placement of everything at this very moment. Placement of you, a chair, a bed, your pet, the location, the backstory of your life to this moment, how you feel, why you came to be here, the time of day or night, everything of all, adjusted divinely for you. Welcome.

The life you once knew is about to leave your mind, the shackles that have prevented you from expanding and being a complete delight were unlocked and removed the very instant you came in contact with this energy I have willed into existence for you. What is left, is to show you your freedom and help you move from a crawl to a walk to a stride to running, then beyond.

There are many levels to progress through and each will be attained one by one. The layers within that imposed your virtual cage of restriction are faced, understood, and released as this series guides you through the infant stages of the being called Human Form and shifts you into your own form or any of the suggested collections proposed herein.

Chapter 1
Information and Connection

Layers take place in mind as one develops in life. The information received from the external senses, reasoning and thought, and experience, create the bound truths carried within. When one discovers a new truth, it updates or overwrites a previous version. This may come in the form of insight, a clearer understanding from sensual observation, or from other unknown sources yet to be understood. What this shows us is that everything we determine as truth always carries a higher version and with every update, we override our past knowledge with new information that not only broadens our understanding but also fine-tunes our clarity. Each development peels away another layer of illusion and from that comes the removed limitation.

This brings us to facing oneself. Within this construct of life, we accept knowledge from others as truth. From an early age, we are told many things by our guardians (sometimes called parents). This information is mostly considered truth and is embedded onto our eternal slate to learn from throughout the stage of waking. Other embedded information comes from generational transference. Not only does one get genetic effects like eye, skin, hair color, or features, other information is carried onto the birthed child. This is further explained as such, when a generation (family, person, or society) does not face their broken knowledge and lessons, it is then handed to the next birthed generation. This means many current issues are from issues not resolved in prior generations. It then becomes the responsibility of the new forms/individuals, families, society, and so on, to evolve the existence and move past the repetitive issues. Yes, this is a heavy task and responsibility, and as it is disregarded, the next wave of human faces an even heavier weight of matter to solve, but remember this is merely one version of reality.

Here some may say to trust in GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) and he will solve all things and bring us unto heaven. Yes, this is true but with “GUS’s” unconditional love in effect throughout existence, it then becomes our will to help guide the Almighty into the world we want to live in. How is one to know what is a perfect world, if they themselves are imperfect? How is one to guide GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) to meet the needs of themselves and others, if they themselves do not know who they are?

Both of these questions require deep thought and connecting oneself on levels that are beyond the surface. Most people live their entire lives thinking they are just the body with a mind and fail to ask or investigate further to discover if there is more than what is. This is where we start the journey of this series, to discover the connection to things beyond that of the body and mind. Here, you will begin to understand more of whom you are and are not, what role you have in the larger picture, how you are taught what is needed to be learned, and then we will go even deeper into existence to remove all the veils of illusion, we will reveal patterns in life, we will reveal messages and the subtle and soft communication GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) relays in every moment. In order to understand what illusion is and what role it has in everyone’s lives, there are layers that will need to be peeled away, one by one. As each layer is revealed and faced, it will dissolve, and as more layers come and go, a pattern will emerge that allows you to develop the sight of a larger picture of life. This sight also enables you to see deeper within and shortly after, the sight of the body and mind appear as extensions of the being/soul that you are, as many new things come in full view. Here, you will also begin to see the interconnectedness of everything in the material (matter) reality and as you connect more with yourself, you also connect more with the World, Universe, and GOD (GUS). Then this is where things will get really fun because of the supremely divine connection that is decided and established. The reality then begins to work with you not against you or in an autopilot behavior. Instead of the effort that is usually exerted, a universal flow comes upon you and your surroundings as things just act and react instantly to the beauty that has been developed but has been there all along. Want to get there? We all do. So then, here is how we start to make the effort to understand.

The human form moves from detachment and goes closer and closer to oneness with every block succeeded and enlightenment gained. Division is a mental space of experience. This is endless but for reason, since GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) is eternal and infinite, his creations are just as much eternal and infinite if personally willed to be such a creation. How, to will properly is where knowledge, trials, effort, and inquiry, enlightens and graduates the person wanting to become more. Each spirited creation has the choice of what to be, who to be, how to live and experience, what to experience, and these and many other aspects that will be discussed in this series. The task is knowing and trusting in it. This is done by finding faith and exerting effort to learn. This does not mean to become drunk of a hippie trip of disillusion, this work requires plenty of work to travel into an alternate place to verify claims and discover self-invented designs. In Genesis 9:6 ESV of The Holy Bible, it states that “God made man in his own image.” What most are not able to move past is that they assume man, is purely just the human form. This is not the case at all. GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) is his magnificence and infinite nature is directly reflected onto man. This being or form is also all creating, infinite, and carries everything that GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) has, can, and will do. If this means a reflection of all abilities, knowledge, and design, then how do we find it? This does not mean that we are stronger than GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) or that we abuse the powerful responsibilities bestowed upon us, it means that GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) gave us his all so that we may too create marvelous wonders for us to share amongst one another and all our creations. But to get to the point where anyone of us can design just as the great construct, we must develop complete awareness and understanding of ourselves and all the matter that created our human form manifestation and reality. And as we expand, GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) expands too, as we expand together, more becomes revealed, unlocked, and created. It is an endless event and the things that are made beyond our current comprehension were made because we began to discover more about this experience.

Think of it like a friendly game of challenge, one player makes a house, then it is up to the other player to enhance the house, back and forth the players expand the design until they have become so deeply intertwined that it is no longer one to the other or a challenge, both are one and all movements are together, with enjoyment, fun, creativity, and love. To truly know is to become. This state of being is possible for anyone to attain, and all forms ultimately get to this state of being so then we can grow even beyond that understanding. That is the comfort. Knowing that every being eventually gets to that state even in all the vastness of infinity, should calm everyone and also excite all to become such a marvelous wonder through understanding themselves through their uniquely catered experiences. It can be an enjoyable time to learn about oneself but also in that state, there is a lot of fear that will surface. How can we be so sure that we all get there? Let’s hold in our minds a question of if we have already been there before.

Fear comes in many forms and all stem from facing truth. Truth can be shown in many forms also. Some of the longest and most thorough events that are faced are realization of sins, guilt of them, denial of what resonates within, and from the allowance of dictation of life and thoughts from external sources. Each of these areas separates oneself and if not persisted in developing an understanding of each of these areas, one can remain trapped for a very long period of time in the shadows of their mind. Throughout this series, you will gain a better image of the design and ascend to the next stage of development. Remember, everything is issued in stages. If you are in an experience that is not favorable, you can shorten that sentence by understanding its claim on you. This also means stepping out of the boxed parameters self-set and also doing things that are not in the repetition field to open space up for other experience to come forth. Observation both with what you may think you know and just being part of the scene, help shine light unto events that need clarity and pretty much at every state, clarity and knowledge is needed. Even in the fun zones.

And so we begin…

Life is a great and amazing, ever producing source of infinite possibilities. How one has lived, how generations have lived, or how life is shown to be strictly as is only a tiny fraction of what has been provided for each and every one of us to be part of. The beauty and artistic design of nature allow us one way to captivate and enhance our senses to expand our sights beyond the determined measures put forth by others. First with sight, touch, and smell, we are treated with sensual detections of elements designed before man’s hands and thoughts. We are able to witness a process of birth, growth, death, and rebirth through the various forms of life and seasons. Each particle carries their own unique flair and sensual detection. As one pauses their movement and focuses on a specific object, sound, movement, smell, and so on, more becomes revealed. It is like the difference from driving by a town and walking through it. You can pick up on many more occurrences when slowing down to sense all that is there. There is also moving with the current, going faster than the flow, going the opposite direction, and even making your own design. There are plenty of ways to enter into knowledge. It is designed that way, so you can always learn and expand.

This is a great first lesson for anyone interested in detecting more about themselves because even though we live with ourselves, it does not necessarily mean that we know all there is about ourselves. You have to train your senses and mind to see more than what has been, and venturing into nature or exploring around town can help. Observation is key when working with your senses to train your sight to expand beyond that which is known. What this means is that you must separate yourself from your body and thoughts. Seeing that you have a body, and seeing that you have a mind and thoughts, allows you to comprehend that you are more than that. With doing so, you have just observed yourself slightly beyond the realm of physical and mental matter. You have now seen yourself from two different angles and all from a third perspective. That is 3 Dimensions.
Can we observe/be 144 Dimensions all at the same time?

The thing is, that with daily life, there are many instances that can suck you in or distract you to the point that you forget that you are more than just a body and that you can learn with observable effort. This is where paying attention to yourself is important, and breathing exercises help regain the balance and bring back the consciousness of awareness. That state of awareness isn’t always needed though. There are many instances where feeling through the senses of the self, are what is needed or wanted. In sex, for example, being in the moment, allows you to focus on the events in the moment which heightens the sensual connections and feelings. On some occasions, the mind will also step into the action to expand the sensation. Here in these types of instances, a local type of being is present, and it is not the only type of being one can be. There are levels of sexual encounters that can connect spiritually to bring about an even richer experience and connection between self and the other parties involved.

I use sex as a topic because it is easily relatable to most, but you can replace the word and thought of sex, with pretty much every encounter experienced in life. They all work the same. Playing videogames or watching a movie, for example, you take yourself out of your body and assume a role of the person in the videogame or an observer in the film. You detach from yourself, from your thoughts or issues, and for an instance, you become something completely different. In the high action or drama moments of the film or game, you really get into the moment and assume a greater connection to the role that is expressed to you to be. Great storytellers, filmmakers, artists, and so on, are able to open you and allow you to fully embody another person and world in their films, music, and other forms of artistic expression. In those moments, you expand, and after you come back to your body, you are slightly different.

The examples of nature and entertainment serve as two sights for you to view how you already travel in and out of yourself, and outside time and space. And the more you proceed with this series, the more you will discover you are infinite. There, death is now seen differently and in an effort, a physical force of death no longer has to reign. That is one of the goals here, is to understand redirection, ascension, communication, and matter population. Everything that is experienced comes from belief, the lessons to reveal what has been believed, and the sight of a new belief. You believe what you see, sometimes hear, and what you experience. All belief is from one specific angle, and as you expand, the angle curves, shifts, becomes something completely different than it has been, rewriting your history, present, and future. All of this is a gift from GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) to help show his love towards all creation and to help us understand how truly blessed we all are that we are not only part of GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) and are GOD/Universe/Source (GUS)’s ourselves, but that we are also able to signify our individuality so that we may bring forth just as impressive manifestations into all existence. Love is more than what we know. Existence, experience, creation, and manifestation are all tremendous versions of this force that is so great, words, no matter what level of intellect, can never be enough to describe.

This chapter is designed to glide around the surface of life and to help ask questions into deeper parts of the construct of existence. It serves as the transmitter firing new signals to the brain and regardless if you know you have developed beyond whom you presently are; the delivery here will show you that you have begun to think differently. When you give yourself more options in action, you then allow yourself to have more outcomes of experience. The lessons that come through to you with the additional sights, shift the being. Who you choose to be is your being. How you choose to act, is part of your being. What you feel you control in your life as a being is not all that can be utilized. As you develop the skills provided to you within this series, you will open up to many new forms of communication within yourself and outside to others, objects, and laws. Each layer and level is designed to be as such until the being attains the wisdom of connection to each. In that state, what has been, is not what is anymore. And as one traverses into observation of the changes, new questions arise as to what other aspects of life are also adjustable and able to be communicated to in new forms and actions. Within this space of questioning, new sights occur that allow a closer connection to the source of all creation.

Sights can be from the form of extrasensory connections all the way to external communications. Some examples that may first arise to a being on the path of expansion are, enhanced hearing and selective listening, eyesight that allows one to see extra layers of vibrations, the ability to see items magnified or to see through objects, the ability to view life at higher framerates, and you may also feel the body in new ways also including different energy flows and movement controls. There are endless things that can be adjusted and enhanced and as each being makes the effort to question, observe, understand, and make effort, each being becomes their own student and teacher. Here, as one develops and trust themselves, trusts GOD/Universe/Source (GUS) to deliver what is needed, and with learning to be a better tuned-in observer; one can process lessons faster and faster. Be forewarned though, that once you start, you may get frustrated at times and begin to doubt everything you have worked up to. Smacking yourself against those walls gives you a reality check and brings forth multiple debates. Should you persist, should you look and ask elsewhere, should you be still and observe, did you miss something, and you may even question the validity of whatever this is and however you came to be frustrated and at a block/wall. When here, I say Congratulations, you are stepping into another unknown area and are being put to the test how you will proceed or recede.

There are two direct forms of how to learn, from external delivery (which is part of a relationship with time) and the other is within (which is a place that is timeless). Both will meet at the same points, one just takes longer than the other and both carry a different form of feeling the experience. The inward travel requires extra work and focus of non-material processing, but once the being is connected to the realms that are not of matter and knows how to process such, this style of questioning and reasoning becomes the preferred medium for most events. Within this realm, one must first learn to let go of themselves in order to actually learn while also moving with what they do know. This means that any preconceived thoughts or notions of what is and isn’t, have to be placed in one room and then one must go into the room where anything else is possible, the unknown. You will have to be multiple places in the same instance. And with this, you are learning how to exist on multiple streams of reality as a multidimensional being.

The Unknown can be a very scary place for one first beginning on the path of self-actualization, and without proper instruction, one can spend many many moons hitting walls of disbelief or even harder surfacings of thought-provoking arrangements brought on from deeper states of the mind. However, this is all normal. The mind after a certain age, seeks comfort in what is known, after all, it has worked itself into a specific singular mass of information from all the sensory experience attained throughout the life of the being. The mind knows things as such and anything radically different is so shocking that it makes various attempts to scale back one’s efforts and remain in the comfort zone of knowledge. One word you can research on this subject is Cognitive Dissonance. This is where an even deeper realization of life occurs once this state is seen.

Knowledge is something that has already been. We can call knowledge, the past. And now, as one breaks into a realm that is not of the past, one is beginning to move into a form of the present, the now. Here, all those thoughts that entrap a being and dictate their actions, cease to exist. At first, stepping into the now is done with only half the being. It is like going through a doorway with one foot already through the door and the other foot not. Half the body, mind, and spirit remains in the realm of the known, and with this happening, any heavy thoughts, feelings, or emotions, continue to cloud the full experience of being in the present and also keeps one blind to enjoying living to its fullest potential in every stage of upgrading. What is absolutely amazing is, that even when sight is not clear in this state of shifting, sight does become clear of whom the being presently is and is not. There begins another journey to help remove limitations brought on by experiences that have caused a being to delay life by living in the past with the anchors that kept one held down.

All of life is this, lessons, sights, expansions, creations, growth, more life, and so on. One state of being is never the final state, there is no final state. Our decisions as to what to expand to, molds the direction of expansion. And just as instantaneous as we are to create the next flight of life, life itself creates the next areas for us to grow into. It can be as fast or as slow as we, and collectively, all of it goes on forever. Some may find this hard to grasp since the view of the body and its stages from birth to death are the only thing ever seen evident, but as each takes a step up from the level at which things have been seen, much more can be viewed. With each step up each is granted a richer experience and deeper connection. With this connection, wisdom and creativity fuel new movements of being. Then you can put your visions and wisdom to the test.

Each person’s life and journey is completely different. There are many scenarios that occur in someone’s life that are unique to the experiencer and cannot be replicated ever again. With this in mind, although life may offer instances that seem completely random or apart from any other being, they are actually the same lessons that are taught. The context/scene may be different but the root is exact in everyone’s way. The first stage is foundation. From birth up to a point in life, everything that is experienced and taught is to establish some form of foundation to work off of. The second stage is to break the foundation down. This is done by facing oneself and all that has been decided as a final answer. The third stage is to build your own foundation. This stage teaches how many things are not final answers as discoveries from the unknown become manifest. The fourth stage is creative engineering. This is where responsibility and much power is bestowed upon the adventurer that has worked hard to get this far. These four stages are covered in the series of The Construct Blueprints. Within each one of these stages there are many various details and events that occur in order to assure that the being is fully capable of moving into the next stage and a more advanced role. One may think or feel that they are ready for the next part, but that decision is not fully theirs to make and with thinking such, tests will present themselves to detect where additional training needs to occur before advancing. Eventually, there is no more asking for the next stage, it just occurs. The being is able to proceed because a newfound trust and coding delivery manifests. With each forward motion, new information is gathered and either expands, dissolves, or rewrites all previous knowledge of the topic(s) attached to the data. Information eventually becomes known as temporary information and anything that has been determined as the only fact or as solid truth becomes recognized that it is in fact truth, but only for the level at which it is presented. Can you reflect back to moments that you have done this in your life already? You see, you automatically do it, just now, you are more aware of the process.

As a being moves past each level, the information also evolves and expands, changing form with the being. Seeing and knowing this fact, allows the observable sight that the physical forms also change form. You change whom you appear to be. Automatically we change form and with the proper understanding, by decision, one might be able to adjust their temple of self. And as one advances, the laws of reality change and everything that was known as definite at one point is questioned, yet again and with proper investigation, it is seen as one solid point that can be altered indefinitely. Constantly changing but in so many ways remains the same. Everything experienced with all senses can be adjusted to cater to the needs, wants, and will of the being, and here, creative manifestation also gains wisdom. When one begins to understand the complexity of the arrangement of life and how anything can be at any time, reflection surfaces. In this state the being sees how they directly influenced their ups and downs of life, how it echoed outward to others, how it reflected more intensely onto themselves, and why. There is a shock that occurs and also here is where remorse shows up along with the realization of actions that may not have been in the best interest of the being’s personal progression and life. This realm gives way to the definition of sin and here also is where many begin to seek religious understanding and support. The wanting to understand more of what is, because of the sight of what isn’t, sparks the connection to understand what is beyond the realm of matter and material decisions.

Space opens up within the mind and the hunger for information flows. Now the life that was with no exceptions, is now not all that there is. Life now has options and a being in this state is just like the state of a child, life molds into various forms and beliefs, while overwriting and removing others that have hung around that no longer serve a purpose. Depending on the road traveled, some may have more to understand before attaining enlightenment changes but we all can help in our personal motion and vibratory powers. With anyone living in the mind most of their life, the life form is the mind and tries its hardest to keep you in that state of complexity, confusion, and control. This preventative measure of the mind assists oneself in understanding more about their place in the universe, and with dedication, each being is able to process every layer that has been formed. With the new information from the openness of absorbing and dissecting, a being is then able to populate their own questions and to develop an internal and external compass of reasoning and testing. Just like when one was a child, each child tests what they are told by others which leads to what they discover as the world. This stage also mimics that of childhood. The discoveries on this level of thinking are far greater and with every question and answer, more questions and answers are formed, and pretty soon the being is able to see that the reality they have lived is not the reality lived at all. The world begins to unfold around them and in them. Space is made to be born again.

This statement is tricky to deliver to any reader fresh on the path of enlightenment and even to novices and professionals alike. Reality itself is a word that needs to be broken down both here and in personal questioning in order to have a slight grasp on the infinite. Reality is anything and can be anything. Nothing has to be what it is and as one develops further on this path, they will understand this true nature and also see that everything that has been set is merely the suggestion or the basis to know how things work so when each being gains more dominion of the creativity creation and manifestation process, they have something to work off of. Even in the state of known-directly-willed manifestations, one learns that the base foundation is only there temporarily.

All matter is a collective life form although it may seem separate because of its diversity and purposes. At first glance everything everywhere is its own and granted this is true, it also is not exact. A Golden Retriever and a German Shepard are two separate beings, but they are both dogs, just as much as everything in matter is its own separate being but also at the same time it is all matter. And this is our one collective mass that is external sensual reality shared with all forms of matter. Regardless if we think we do not get along, all matter is working together with each other.

Grasp that for just one minute. Think about the handshake or dance that all matter does with itself. Although the mind may think there is distance, separation, animosity between races, cultures, or kinds, when one removes the thought of all of that and just simplifies their sight to see that everything external is matter, all matter is one, and all matter works together to form its unique shapes, sizes, and purposes from the will of the forces beyond the realm of matter, you may then be able to breathe easier and also you may be able to let go of some of the things you have been holding onto. All matter is love, it must be, to be such a magnificent display of reality and experience, creating constantly for our senses and all other senses (known and unknown) to experience. Whether you think bad thoughts, pleasant thoughts, or no thoughts at all, everything in reality is what it is for you. That is really powerful to see and process with self-questioning and observation.

Here in the reasoning state of mind, one will begin to see how important they really are in the creation of existence. What is seen is then harsh reality, because what is believed in the slate of the eternal core of each being is what manifests automatically into the life experienced or is there for you to see and make sense of something internally, to process, or to unlock the next state of being. You see hardship, you get hardships, you see love, you get love. What you give you receive. Think about it, most of the time if you flaunt anger at someone, you get it back, and then it yo-yo’s to higher levels, unless you come across a being that can transmute your energy into wisdom for you to decode/recode/encode. This does not only apply to your physical actions in movement and speech, this also applies to your internal, to the things that are not matter. Ideas, beliefs, and thoughts are all part of the being that help manifest and guide matter. Emotions are a tool to quickly power and attract more of what is underneath the surface. This is why learning thyself is extremely important, since everything forms something, what you power is your reality. There is a force beyond that which the power within comes from, and that will be discussed later on in this series, but for now, we are only going to go one layer into thyself and progress into the others. Environments, situations, actions, feelings, and other realms of experience will all be covered piece by piece within the pages of The Construct Blueprints.

The emotional layer is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs of the cause and effect. In Newton’s Law of Gravity (Third Law), Isaac Newton explains that “For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.” Taking from this universal knowledge, apply it to every level discussed in this series. You think you are struggling (your force/energy), a reaction is to struggle (opposite reaction). You think you are in love and you receive love (at which the level you know it and possibly more). The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” wasn’t just a ploy to make people feel better about their physique, it actually means that if you see beauty in everything, beauty stares right back at you. This is where things will require an extensive amount of self-work. Most likely there is an extensive amount of layers upon layers within, that form mental blocks as to what is and isn’t good enough for you. The juror, judge, and defendant, are you until you no longer live in judgment. Most directives come from a place that is fueled from a place where you most likely need to go and be beyond. Preferences are amazing after you move past the attachments of judgment. When someone compliments you, don’t you feel better? Maybe you even smile or stand taller from being more proud about yourself, possibly even straightening your back and raising your head. Those moments are there to show us that our thoughts of ourselves and our reality are simply that, thoughts. When you see a homeless person or someone that is differently abled, do you feel remorse or do you see potential?

Training now begins by looking at things differently. This can be easy or can be hard depending on how deep you are within the reality you have been living or are living in. There may be many forces surrounding you that are there to keep you in a lower state of consciousness and all those forces and thoughts that are there are as powerful as they are because you yourself have manifested it to grow as such. Just like a seed that needs to have water to sprout and sustain life, your energy is the water to the internal slate of your beliefs. As previously read, this can be from generations prior, information conveyed from guardians, the will of others, and many other various sources. You must transmute it and you.

When we deal with it being from the will of others, this state is when you openly allow your energy to be dictated by other forms. There is a fine line between what is helpful dictation and unconscious dictation. Many people go around guiding or being led by unconscious dictation. This is from not knowing the nature of what is beyond the surface of human desire or inappropriate behaviors. No one is to be blamed for taking, directing, or forcing the will of others since they themselves are also trapped within a set of parameters that must be experienced in order to ascend. Ultimately, as you step into this better version of you, you should always carry enough energy to keep yourself full, while overflowing the extra onto others. This way, nothing can ever steal from you or dictate your willed energy. Instances can be playful instead of controlling. It then becomes one of the many various tasks of each master on their way up to the next stages of lessons and experience, to share the awakening they have with others. Here, a master will learn from their workings and see the flaws on higher levels and keeping an open mind, allows correction and advanced inquiry. This state can also cause much confusion when the master knows little but feels they know a lot. It may be a lot more than what they have known, but in the vastness of GOD/Universe/Source (GUS), it is finite. In any case, everything is a lesson. There comes a state that the work no longer is work, but play. The lessons become fun to learn and the universe works with you to teach you and itself while in joy and grace. Love forms new definitions and connections. This is the sight to attain and embody.

This concludes the brief layout of things to come within the beginning chapters of this series. Every part will be gone into deeper, harder, and more descriptive. It is very important to understand that there is nothing to fear. This is an experience. This is knowledge. This is an awakening. With any subject, we must first sift through the bad and the good before we can just be at peace, return to divinity, and then adventure as the new thing we form. It is how we are wired, it is how we process and develop into a higher, more consciously aware being. Anything that comes through to you as you read this, write it down. Have that pencil and paper ready. Share it with me and others. Start to question this, yourself, and others. Share your questions with others. Try and find conclusions then find alternatives to those conclusions. See that there is no final answer, there is no definite. Everything is as malleable as we are. We can create whatever we choose to manifest. First, we start with the life we know and then we go to a life that has never existed prior, learning new natural laws, colors, creations, and life. If you are ready to develop and see true potential, buckle up, you are about to go on the ride of your life.

Totality is everything as one. Within oneness, many aspects of uniqueness exist. Just as all the pieces of the human body make up the whole of the body, all the pieces of the all make up the all. As one piece enlightens, all pieces do.

Understand you are love.

Chapter 2
We Start Here

The new challenge we face is understanding that although things are happening how they are with us and all around us, we should ask what we can do to progress, learn, and develop more. Reading literature and listening to other people and their perspectives greatly helps collect data to search further. There is a lot of information out there and so many different angles to talk about what life is and is not. We have plus and minus, light and dark, good and evil, all working against and with forces and here we are in the middle of all of that deciding how we want to experience it.

The gist of information already provided here serves as a singular point of data that we must dissect and look for. In one aspect, the choice is ours how we are to live with what is around us. If we are tied on a conveyor belt about to be dropped into a machine press, chances are we are not going to just sit there and say, “I am one with this belt and I accept my fate as it already is.” Not at all, instead, we are going to figure out a way to get off the conveyor or stop the machine. And this is a reflection of life on this level of being. We strive to become, we strive to live. Until we can understand how to adjust the reality with our thinking without physical action, this is how it is. You can say that we are being tested, and data of personal experiences lead to a complimenting understanding that we are, but one thing that seems pointless to the prosperity of life, is to simply lie down and accept the fate that you cannot enact a change.

This goes slightly against what was discussed in chapter one about oneness because in oneness you would accept your fate because it is your fate. But we are not the type of being to just allow shitty things to occur and cause us to leave prematurely. You wouldn’t just sink in quicksand, and drown, and die. You would strive to find a way out.

As we develop more into our being and understanding how to adjust the reality, we will no longer have to “give-in” to the “forces that be” and we can design arrangements within our personal dimensions. Until then, we fight to stay alive in the realm we know as is. This makes things incredibly difficult because we have to become multi-dimensional here in this reality all while seeking to raise our frequency to higher knowledge and power. This responsibility does not come easy and to ask of such a thing to the masses of the public have not been a successful endeavor. It is a lot of work and quite frankly, most people already have life overflowing responsibilities that they cannot seem to allot additional space to even begin to function on a higher plane of thought.

Having a spiritual experience in any role does bring in the space to develop more of an understanding of something that had not been there prior as a direct influence from within. In that trip of enlightenment, we find balance and peace. We also find other information that reveals a harsher event taking place throughout the universe. The chaos and beauty dancing upon one another is a sight to see, but it should also be asked what effect does this have on everything I know, on all life, on higher dimensions, on the data that is here and is sent. As we peel one layer away, we reveal a whole new world of questions, problems, and divinity. What does this dimension of reality hold and why us? Asking why we have the ability to observe and question the very things that are around us, leads to some very interesting revelations. Do we decide that it is our responsibility, do we choose the role of an observer, do we choose to ignore what is here and cultivate our own programming, do we choose to take in all the above and become a power beyond the realities rules, and if so, how do we harness our discovery?

Here, some beings download as much data as they can about reality, its laws, and things supernatural, and try to find comparable factors that can bridge things into an amalgamation. Through testing themselves, the environment, their thoughts they hold onto, and other various factors, we discover more about what designs parts of this dimension. To some, belief is powerful enough, to others, knowing the truths of philosophies brings about results. It is hard to differentiate between the two, because there are instances that belief allows someone to lit a car to save someone’s life that is trapped underneath it and one the other hand, knowing how to adjust the proposed weight of an arrangement to fit the need of the moment, through the power of thought, also brings forth the same result. It goes to say, there is more than just one way to make things possible.

How do you choose your faith?

Do you base it on facts, beliefs, experiences, ideas, suggestions?

As we develop, we begin to become multidimensional in all the aspects, just as GOD/Universe/Source (GUS). We understand our power through belief that we have the Lord working with/for us and that all things adjust in a divine matter of arrangements to help us develop and gain further knowledge to assist in the expansion of experience/life. We understand the science to the arrangement of things and we process the coding of our experience to arrange things into our chosen fashion. We understand our experiences as lessons and we look wider at the data being received. We pick and choose what is and is not. We judge all things as fact or truth. We develop an understanding on many levels as to why all things are what they are. And that too is just one small level of knowing. It is our responsibility to continue to develop, if we decide to stay in one sight, we then close the cycle into a loop. And things repeat in that loop until they shake the beliefs into new sights. And the process starts all over again. However, that too seems like it is a looped thought that needs to be broken to understand things yet again on levels far beyond the comprehension presented through our placement of knowing.

This all seems quite crazy. And to an average mind, it is. The information isn’t probably supposed to be played with on this level or higher with this kind of being we are, but then again, if we have the ability to think and process like this we must be able to adapt and develop something from it all. We have been picking away at this wall of unknown for a while and the cracks are beginning to reveal something other than what we have gathered. You can see we do have the choice to be blind to this development but for most, the yearning sensation to know whatever it is we are heading into, cannot be quelled.

Have our normalcies allowed us to develop an eye for the supernatural events that are occurring everywhere? Does that sensation through our senses serve as the opening/gateway of our minds, allowing space for inquiries and sight of the unknown?

Then can we take all of this and create a new adventure instead of that stereotypical heaven and hell, good and bad, light and dark jazz?

What would it look like to make a new road within the experience to bring a new story into existence that doesn’t have light and dark fighting the way it does? Could we hold an image in our minds eye of a mode that everything works with each other to create a new massive game with an alternate set of rules? This reality is open and is possible. Does it take a world to consciously direct life into that realm, or could it take just one being with the knowledge of how to do a such a fantastic feat?

There then exists a plethora of questions and in an instant, I came into view. I saw states of being, stages of awareness, where self-power can assist in navigating a high experience for me. Which I share in this video,

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