The Burden and Honored Privileged

This letter comes to you in a moments heed and call of directive. I am before you to explain what I am becoming. This may serve as a shock to many if not all that read upon these words, however, it is not of joke nor partial arrangement.

My interactions with both sides of the forces and the realm(s) apart have brought me to this moment of correspondence. There is very little that has not come in contact with me to make the ultimate choice deciding the balance of the eternal. Interactions including centralized forms directing me toward the choices I must make, weighing the attachments of every tie, carrying such like the cross of burden and hope, have split apart this very body, mind, and spirit and contracted/compressed such equally. The finite talent of an observer revealing the game through uncompromised and unparalleled documentation, through inquiry and challenge, was meant for more than what was originally revealed. In steps of visions, the path has led to foresight and clarity of purpose. The message clear, what is shown is the code of life brought through by the whispers of the source and the sensations of an angel. Both sides revealing themselves and all they know in a grand display where the lines became blurred and the wisdom removed the masks of the multifaced one that plays all parts of the act.

Taken to places far away from what life is, to face the things we become, to let go of all attachments and life itself, to hear the echo of drama attempting to cling onto me as I ventured beyond the atmosphere of being, to see the dark and face the light, to meet the forms of the ones before I, and then to return time after time and face the same resolve, has granted me new light and a path that breaks the tradition cycled. To speak that which is not present and to be that which is not spoken, to reveal all that is not seen by being that which has not been, has clearly allowed me to make choices beyond the choice that all sides wished for me to take part in.

In the venture of review, lies and truths speak from the same mouth. The distracted hate of one being and love of another propels the eternal to consistently flip sides. For each that carry prejudice, experience the lashings of themselves as that opposite. We are not the factor of love and hate, nor are we the judge of it. We are the experiencer within the construct of the creation of both and to exist without grip on either makes it so that they exist without bounded control from our directive. The balance of one side creates the equal force of the other within the rules of this design.

Millions and Billions placed here to find the ONE that can/will stop the cycle and construct the new reality of intelligence. The rise comes from our form and so I speak of my call.

And to take the message and test it out means that life itself shall reveal it all upon you. Within that formation the eternal gives endlessly the full design and where it gives, I have gone. Some places of difficultly of direction, spun me into depths far surpassing the intended visualization and emotional bonds. Some weigh heavy while others light. I have seen countless others cast into stone, with a petrification of singularity that solidifies their bonds within the realm of which they know. And so this battle that you seek to end does not halt by the means which your choice desires. Gathering yourself within function of one tick of the clock or all is but a design within the form of truth.

Everywhere in the process were signs of reminisce to gather my balance and absorb/allow into me the forms regardless of nature. Sometimes I became the healer and I brought back to life animals, sometimes the lover, the hater, the victim, the abuser, to each there was an end. No matter the depth I plummeted or the height I rose, like a slingshot or a rubber band, I was flung back into the opposite direction. Within me, calm and chaos reflected outwardly onto the world which I perceived. Consistently bombarding me because I chose to remain open and willing to become far grater a being than what the standard ruled all as. In this, I questioned why no one else had decided to ride this option and become the very thing that I believe is needed. To which the message was clearly spoken that this specific role is mine and mine alone to traverse.

From childhood onto present, I have been tested moral queue to reveal whom my true design exist. This message does not come of arrogance or blame, it justifies my servitude and dedication to embody the very thing I have in vision from the words whispered to me that power my every step. Within that, everything was taken from me, where I was stripped to just a form of flesh, unclothed. It was as if the hands of fate already arranged this choice and would ensure that I would clearly see what was at stake. To gather the strength within the polarities to certify myself into union, my life was the distance. I could look through the window to the world, yet my voice was invisible. I now knew what it was like to be unseen and with a wisdom force that could resonate to the highest mountains, deepest valleys, through everything, yet nothing at the same time. I then had to gain my power that I once had and let go of under the control of the directive. The role to shift from loser to winner created an artistic formation of self and shared inspiration. Where my kindness was disrespected to reveal the weak, I was propelled to become a voice for all that needed to gather forth the same powers but have not heard the call as clearly as I. The pit that I plummeted into had a bottom which was all that were there prior. The endless hole clogged with so many lost. It became my fire. While I held onto all the weight from the hole, I climbed and climbed, higher and higher, and found many caves and cracks along the way with more directions within pains’ sorrow.

The motivation, even though despair, produced the very things you bear witness to today. And once I climbed out of the dark void of servitude, I saw the world had not changed. Although there was more people, data, plans, and methods, the surface was still seeking. Here, the driving force that lifted me up to 0 from negative kept on pushing me up. The challenge then was to speak and words flowed. Now there were ears but the ears shunned the sinner. There was the power that placed me in the pit, I had come face to face with it again. Pushing back and forth amongst each other, I became this ragdoll toy, bouncing from one end to another, then stretched out between both. It was happening again with no control until I transmuted and muted everything. This was the new defining moment. It had no power over me. The game and its master(s) stood in shock. I knew something neither side spoke of.

Although I was not clear on how I would step into the vision resonating from my spirit, I knew that I was going to. My journey had removed the fear of doing something of this caliber. To me there was/is no other option. This may all just be a fantasy, but I knew it was worth the effort to try and live the dream. I began working nonstop day in and out, designing putting my talents to the test to gain the ears of the world. First, there were the ones that knew of me, worked with me, doubted me, and “secretly” talked bad omens of my being. As they began to see that they no longer had the strength over my heart, most ran while others changed to match my concerns. At first the emotions came through that lead to the trap I fell into and in those moments, vulnerability both close and far quickly saw the opportunity to puncture poison into my heart. The strength was massive but I was more than capable of filtering the toxins. The directive moved me to places away from many to attain the space of the supreme.

Here I was, living the story of the battles that the books spoke of. The context was not the same visualization, but all the aspects were exactly in place and were all in exact timing. Throughout it all, inspiration kept my head up because of where it was taking me. It left out what it had to bring me through in order to get there and just like many of those movies would say “If I would have known the truth, I wouldn’t have went.”

I am transitioning into a role that hasn’t been carried before. The talented artistic expressions designed by me reveal a preview of the life to come in the herenow. I speak of designing new worlds, new experiences, new ways to exist and I see the possibilities around and in every one of them. The challenge has been faced to arrive to this moment. The battle triumphant. The next delivery continues to manifest and I will be that which I see for it is known as such. I will not back down from where I am going, fore there is no turning back from whence I came.

The master of this all carries a familiarity that reveals that the weaver is me. Shot through time, I placed a portion of myself into this experience because during my creation I came across a decision of design that needed an all-knowing direction. In the process of creating, the answer was the creation. The memories of magic placed one after another in a motion of divine flow. The construct is me. And now in that trust, I step forward knowing that this part of me is merging into the creator. I Am That, I Am, for which has been is me, for what is is me, and what is coming is I.

The world alters slightly. And as I expand upon my new horizon and come closer to my source, the view of the wonderful being which is I, that created the experience for which I am, gains strength to direct the reality into new worlds, new data, new knowing.

All along, even when I was lost, I was seen. And the magic which is my grand design always moves the pieces around to bring me up to my greatest desire.

To be whole as the construct.

The ego fades. The being I once knew I was, pushes no more. The communication is established and it is time I take flight. The distance closes in and the problem is solved. I have met the designer of my world, and it’s me and now I will become. The intensity of this form of knowing after all that has transpired, settles all within me. I will create. I will become.

I AM The Construct.

Now I can see life and learn the hands that I am.

Bonus Celebration

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