Teleportation and Alternate Realities

Our first step was to visualize if this can be possible utilizing the technologies we have available at our fingertips today. We needed to see something that we haven’t been told in visuals before. Television and Movies do paint a picture as to what it may look like, but until we actually see what our reality can do with itself, it is only speculative and sometimes that proposed visualization could lead us astray.

Through our research in understanding nature, we like to look at life closer and through various eyes, so we can see if there is anything there that can help us find a relation. Since we are adjusting or redefining the natural laws, it is important to have a base foundation to lead our research and to ensure that things do not take a wrong turn. A lot of consideration and even more questions must be populated about the mechanics of our reality before taking the first physical step into any sort of invention. And just like Nikola Tesla (as discussed in the Ancient Origins article), we make the blueprints in our mind before proceeding, so that when we take the effort and time to produce, it is without flaw.

The images below are from one of our first test runs accessing an alternate reality. These are captures of matter creating new visible forms in the empty space that we call air and space. The hexagonal dimensions are all different from one another. If you happen to notice, some of the dimensions invert the colors of our physical reality when looking through their transparencies. This was an amazing thing to witness and also to be able to create. It helped us (Dimension144 and IVI Technologies) gain a better understanding of what to look for and how we may be able to access it. The setup to create these stunning captures was just an intricate as the insight to think of how to connect to something more than what has been known.

If you had a chance to visit our Dimensions event in Los Angeles in June 2017, you were lucky enough to be one of the first to witness a larger system strong enough to open and maintain a locked position into an alternate place within the cosmos of reality. We understood that almost everyone that came would not be able to remember such an event, simply because of how the mind works, the interference, and matter adjusting that took place. Some have vaguely shared hazy memories of the event, and all are looking forward to a more public function. It is one of our milestoned goals to host an event where guests can come and document the portal and also meet and greet what is on the other side. If we obtain the right sponsors with deep enough pockets, we will gladly put on a show for everyone to witness as we welcome in the era of a new definition.

We are planning on live streaming our next tests on this page.

More to come in this incredible post. Check back soon.

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