Across Times Defined: Alert – Wakefulness

I am proud to share with you the pieces I experience of this journey we are all on. In this episode of Across Times Defined, learn more about what it means to be alert and awake with your senses.

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Alert Passivity

The Across Times Defined series is a set of words and their connections throughout various pieces of time and space. Certain sets within the set, carry a larger specific meaning. As this section expands, lists will be provided that pair words with one another and combine training to grow and develop a higher state of being within.

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The power of knowledge and the changing of time

I was sent some clips today from the upcoming Disney film, A Wrinkle In Time. This one clip was kinda nice. Disney, on a global front, is assisting in expanding the consciousness of humanity. With things like this, they help people begin to look “out there” to look in. We have all been doing an impressive job with inquiring about life, its practices, and developing a change to be better in every moment. It is showing. Our unification is building and it is influencing companies and people that have a greater platform to share this knowledge with the public. You are going to notice things speed up very quickly, and with that in mind, I would strongly suggest continuing to consider all the new information that is coming in. WE have come to this point and the data is impressive of what we have uncovered about ourselves and more is flowing through, keep those observation goggles on and keep on shedding those layers of blinding behaviors both in action and mental. Continue reading “The power of knowledge and the changing of time”

Ancient Origins

Egypt, a place located on a planet where we are born and has as much mystery as the consciousness that humanity has. The Pyramids and King Tutankhamon have been a topic of discussion for countless people. The purpose behind the alternate way of thinking and living may just be solved soon, as we are constantly and progressively advancing our search for understanding why in our lives this has become and why we do not know about it.
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The Power of Water

Niagara Falls
If you are familiar with vibrations, audio tones, mental clearings, and reality shifts, then you can proceed with ease into this post. The experience received at this Wonder of the World is energizing and with any advanced being, can be observed to provide more than just an amazing sight and memorable experience.

The point of visiting places like this is to enjoy them and bring you to a state of being that is above previous versions of self. As the water rushes all around you externally, your senses are absorbing this informational magic and applying it to places throughout your structure. This convergence goes into places deep within your physical coding (HLA, FFA, Internal Biometrics, and DNA), as well as sources not physical in nature. Spiritual researchers, you may be able to understand the magnitude of establishing a connection through such a magnificent source of power. As the abundance of water flows past you and is perceived within you, that same amount of abundance begins to shift many embedded aspects of life. Some things that you could encounter is a change in the feeling and thought of “lack.” This external experience powerfully alters some of the hardest attachments to lower fields of energy like lack and raises the subconscious levels to begin instilling abundance into your life.

“Let The Waters Flow In”
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Reality Influence (depth 2)

Start learning by controlling emotions. Feel the reception then adjust the transmission. Make yourself higher.
Take emotions/feelings such as anger, depression, fear, and pity and try to shift the controlling factor of your body and thoughts into an alternate state of being and awareness. Learn this and from this, observe how it changes your being, the environment, your buildup or breaking down of thoughts. Then suggest alternate visions and feelings. You may have to practice being happy, laughing, doing joyful activities, so you can retain a state of awareness as to what that type of being resembles so when you are faced with the opposite side of the spectrum of emotional flow you have a stronger vision in place that you can attach to the whole transmission. Just like first walking, riding a bike, driving a car, acting, and so on, you have to practice to get good at it until it becomes automatic to where you want to be in life. And as we progress, this too will face alteration to the next level of being.

This is a great first step and will take many moments to rise above the previous codes of you. From personal experience, as you come into this knowledge and feel that you are ready to proceed, you will be tested by reality. Instances will happen. Do not be discouraged if you regress, catch it, learn from it, and become stronger and faster at balancing. Soon, that energy will not affect you as it used to and then you can move into the next part, Physical.

Once you have been able to control your feelings that cause imbalance, you are ready for the next step. If you are able to do physical activities like jogging or weight lifting, this is where we can further test out our abilities to dictate our intermediate physical zone. While you are working out, use the same tactics as the emotional training. Keep in mind that this will require more willpower, trust, and belief to communicate an alternate approach to the actions and reactions received. What you may want to try and adjust is the strength level or the endurance. This takes some getting used to, and from there we can begin designing how our bodies perform in our reality and also we can start to try and adjust our material formation simply by our superpowered thoughts.

You should also have formed a bridge of respect within yourself by now. If you have not, then before even moving forward, you need to apply balance into your being through knowing it, yourself, what is the mental chatter, the feelings and emotions, knowing the environment, and all the other factors that come along with becoming wise and able to step into a higher role of being. This includes understanding spirituality, sciences, and symbolism’s on a certain level (one you feel comfortable with and have some directional knowledge of). Also stopping the “know-it-all” attitude (ego) is fundamental to attaining any sort of understanding and possible flow of intelligence. Having the open mind and also using the inquisitive mind together while observing the moments without stepping into it, and then stepping in when you need clarity or are ready to adventure into understanding further. (This is well after the stage where you face yourself and go through the trials of discovery and layer shedding. This stage is the reflection and reception. Not to be confused with denial or arrogance.)

With the respect connection, it would be wise to speak out loud and know/feel the truth of a statement such as,

“I am not demanding anything. I wish to deliver a difference. I know that we can move into something that is beyond what we presently are and have known. I understand that we are used to a certain way of living. I am suggesting that what I think, can bring us to higher levels of being. Yes, this means that we must change the way we have been written. We have that option and that ability. I know my truth and it is with you not against you. What you are receiving from me is different than what has been. What I am sending allows us to be more. It is our job and task to always become the best possible unit of life. And now, we have a new truth to operate from. Feel my love and my wisdom. Know my truth. For it is of the highest regard. Believe in me. Become me. Thank you”

Look with your minds eye at all of your body as you are saying this. Hear everything you are saying with your body. Form a union that is not separate. See it as one movement navigating in multiple directions. And from here we can expand even further. Feel the truth in the words you speak, make the words your own. Live by the words in every thought and action. Become the truth, the undeniable truth. As a physical thanking affirmation, you can bow, clasp your hands (palms together with fingers upward), and move your hands 90 degrees down then back up multiple times. Each revolution is a thank you and a charging assurance.

Getting back to the physical activities,
just like you have learned to be more than the emotions that used to control you, this next step is to learn the message relay system from physical activity and take control of the balance. Adjusting the action and reaction of your physical being is more difficult because that carries a more attached connection to your element, whereas emotions and feelings are an invisible suggestive force. It is through the emotions and feelings that we connect our senses to and from our body. This is why I had you start with understanding emotional control and signal relaying emotion suggestions.

Would you like to know more?

[Search dimension144 for additional assistance. There are plenty of writings, videos, and entertainment that conveys various points of pivotal interest in developing your superbeing.]