The Photographer

This game is looking amazing and I am excited to play the final version of it. A whole new game engine and software programming had to be created for this title. The Artificial Intelligence unit works hard and makes every npc off-the-rails with their own lives and reactions to each addition in the reality. The menus and music are beautifully done and artistically created. Nothing is overlooked in this title. I am also in negotiations with camera companies to be the official sponsored camera in the game and for the deluxe edition, where a physical camera is included in the package. The camera functions as a partial controller and the viewfinder and screen on the camera show the game reality. Players are able to move in 360° with the camera and capture the moments faster thanks to the gyroscopes within the camera itself.

More details coming soon, check back here for updates.

Music audio in this video is provided by: Artem Bemba

Ready Player One Virtual Worlds


Sansar Character Creation

There is a new VR game/lifestyle in the works that carry traits like Ready Player One. The plan of the infrastructure may be a huge task, but the payouts are great if they can get the right accounts in order. I joined up in its infant stages to grandfather in my perks should this become part of the futures direction.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice (Part 1 & 2) Photographer Mode

Gearing up the world for photography based games is not an easy task. It has been in the making for a while now. The technology at hand enables us to move around 3D scenes much better and offer options like a photo mode. Here is a game I am playing that gives a few options for an artist like myself to play around with. This, like many other titles, are coming into the realization how gamers like to photograph what they think is awesome in the games they play and helps clear the path for our upcoming title, The Photographer.
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The Park

Photography is one of my passions. I enjoy capturing different angles and sights all around the world, and videogames are no different. It is what has inspired me to begin the creation of my very own game, The Photographer. Since the recent games are bumping up the photo mode features, there are plenty titles that give the power to the players to take really great shots. But to really capture like a rock star, you have to blend real world and digital, like this.
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Crusing Up the Coast (GTAV)

Now that we are getting a feel for doing gameplay in a different style. Tony switched games to GTAV. In this episode he does a few normal missions then stumbles upon a glitch that creates some trippy alien messages through subliminal flashes of light. Continue reading “Crusing Up the Coast (GTAV)”

Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)

The Dimensions Guild has 4 locations as housing. Watch this video to see them all. As a bonus, you will get to see some of the efforts into perfecting every location as Tony designs the placement of some unique items. Continue reading “Housing of The Dimensions Guild (ESO)”

Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)

When exploring around some of the previously visited areas to pick up on provisions, Gregarious finds some new markings to visit on his map. Continue reading “Late Night Wahhabi (ESO)”

Where The Shadows Lie (ESO)

There is no way around it, the shadow must be faced, and faced it is. In this episode things get really dark and not only are shadows challenges, Gregarious also uncovers what’s been feeding and being fed on.
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Wahhabi Shards (ESO)

Collecting and fast running through some missions, we are leading up to another transformation in our gaming presence, so it is best that we tighten up some loose ends. 😛 Continue reading “Wahhabi Shards (ESO)”

Betting Up (Elder Scrolls Online)

As the exploration continues in Clockwork City, more becomes revealed about its secrets. In this episode we even get to control a mechanized rat. Continue reading “Betting Up (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Clocked At Lightspeed (Elder Scrolls Online)

Let’s get aligned with the ticking of the clock so the machine can see as we do. Continue reading “Clocked At Lightspeed (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Tile’s The Mender (Elder Scrolls Online)

With Clockwork freshly unlocked, let’s explore, do some missions, and see if we can find that darn Senche Mault recipe. Continue reading “Tile’s The Mender (Elder Scrolls Online)”

Clockwork (Elder Scrolls Online)

Unlocked the Clockwork location through this fancy trick and now Gregarious is off to explore it. Continue reading “Clockwork (Elder Scrolls Online)”