The Truth of This Moment

Skip to 28:49 and listen. Warning: If you are not ready to face the truth, DO NOT WATCH THIS.
What started out as a live stream on facebook of a walk through a cemetery, led to this…..
I came across some weird noises, creatures, and interjections of spirits within me.

After Live Updates:
12:42 Strange Noise in front of me and a dark blur from the right to the left of my view
28:49 Sprit talk

Channeled/Spoken by Tony Hulse of Dimension144

That is great. To recall anything, does reveal a different sight of time/space and its function. The signs that led up to that moment allowed me to focus in on the moment, to not dismiss the occasion, to give attention to the happening. There are feelings passed, not right, there are moments felt, want more, there are dreams wished to the will of the life in exchange for the life lived. Giving in an infinity or taking, polarities.

What I didn’t show on the camera is that I bowed my head on the hands of the statue upon entering and leaving that state. I knew that I would be led to experience, inquiry, connection, and challenge there. I had this presence within me, attached, that had me ‘stew’ in the kettle of it, for relation. To open my eyes, to not look back, to move into the state yearned from all the senses of being and treated carefully as such.

The hollow space between spaces, where silence is lonely, added me on friendster. 🙂
Knew it only had me for a short while as I charged my direction. Gave it’s all to bring my style back into me. Knowing the transformation would be difficult but I love wholly and never part, the path influenced to tightness as it delivered/delivers ever function. With speed it wants me to see and change, with love it wants me to stay and feel.

The role means such had to be. To provide a truth that was not handed out as luck or favoritism. To show the winding path of polarities in the form and then release. Or is it, understanding. Then the door opened.
But where is it that I go next? I know where I want to be, but is that where I am heading…..

Encrypted Scrolls – Behind The Door, Get Up, Right Man

Just finished recording a new track for the 3rd album of Encrypted Scrolls titled, Behind The Door, Get Up, Right Man

Written and Performed by: Tony Hulse of Encrypted Scrolls

Music Score by: Tony Hulse, Sara Afonso, Audio Binger

Everything we say, Anytime we play, Anytime we say, That’s our motive
Everything we do, It’s not just for you, And that how we do, It’s our motive
The functioning is beyond movement, The power is to move on through it
all, through it all
Everything we do, anything we do,
The stories of the time, the rhythm and the rhyme, the feeling it is mine, I feel it every time
No matter where I am, I always have a plan, I see just who I am, I am the coming
We’ve been this place before, there’s something great in store, I’m coming through the door, you hear me knockin, hear me knocking
Its clear to me and you, the things that I’m to do, you know my heart is true, I am the coming

Everything is all right, everything is ok, I know what I’m to do, you know what you should say
Got to function this time, with an elevated plan, I know that you been asking, this is the right man

The things that drove me, to this moment in time, combine eternity, with a power like mine,
I totally guessed it but I didn’t see it clear until right up to this moment just some music to my ear
Now its clear, now its here, and I’m good for something, the units that I measure all add up to something
Flying high with this try, I got a world that I believe in, and I know that its gold, gave me something I’m feelin
Real in, and out, yo its all around, super stylin design flowing all around

This is the claim of my estate, don’t be a fool with your rule, its never too late, to joins sides with ya,
I lay it all out, with the rhythm and the flow, unclouded direction, know that way that I go, and I flow, and I go, and I drive this time, take a seat to the right of me and you’ll be fine, with the turns and the curves that brought us to here, and everything in your questions will become very clear
To your mind as your heart drops the burden, and the space of this place can get a word in

I Am Disappointed In You Alex Grey

What I feel is true, the events that took place here have led me to another disappointment. On this occasion, it came from the movement of a creative expressionist and his employees. Not only was I told I could not express a select moment in my life, I was also told that my forms of expression were of shitty quality. From one artist to another, when it comes to transcendental expression, nothing is horrid, everything carries meaning. Those that have been part of my ride might be coming more familiar with my varying flows of expression. If you have been part of my movement from the beginning, you know the heart of my being, the servitude and curious nature that embodies me, and the dedication for/of my clarity in defining a tolerable experience and uplifting even that, to the promised lands we have been sowing our lives for.

In this passing moment, generally, I dismiss such disrespectful behaviors, however, the standard that Alex Grey has seeded has now shown its untruths and broke the already fragile words that he spake through verbal and other artistic expressions. It would typically be dismissive to me, but his finite message does not run parallel across his present timeline of life. What I thought were truths, yet again, unfolded. What I thought was connection, yet again was a mirage. How can we be unified in the level of art and expression, when no fucks are given? Meaning, coinciding cross-paths of the source are dismissed with such ease, especially when it is an enhanced delivery such as spiritual relation.

And listen, I am not saying I am a saint, not by far, I know I have fucked up on many occasions, but it just urk’s me when I waste my time, when things are not outlined from the get-go. When I ask for the details and then am lied to. I can appreciate a second look at things and I can easily change my mind to ensure stability in relationships, but second-comings are held at a high caliber of communication and expectation of work ethic.

Allow me to start by getting something off my chest and mind,

If you watched it all the way through, thank you.

Direct Message:
Listen Alex, I appreciate that you have brought me to certain things but don’t make your values go down the tube because you or your employees want to compare my expressions and offerings to yours. I stand on my own ground. See me or not, you understand what’s next. Do right by this. I’m not mad, my feelings aren’t hurt or destroyed, but oppressing me by any form, is not acceptable, by me and even by your standards. I made this a public post, not only to clear the air but also to help others that may have also been kicked, such as I. The strength in the events and how to express from each, this is raw and real. Don’t do anything emo or stupid either Alex. Come at me with respect.

The Burden and Honored Privileged

This letter comes to you in a moments heed and call of directive. I am before you to explain what I am becoming. This may serve as a shock to many if not all that read upon these words, however, it is not of joke nor partial arrangement. Continue reading “The Burden and Honored Privileged”