Encrypted Scrolls – Behind The Door, Get Up, Right Man

Just finished recording a new track for the 3rd album of Encrypted Scrolls titled, Behind The Door, Get Up, Right Man

Written and Performed by: Tony Hulse of Encrypted Scrolls

Music Score by: Tony Hulse, Sara Afonso, Audio Binger

Everything we say, Anytime we play, Anytime we say, That’s our motive
Everything we do, It’s not just for you, And that how we do, It’s our motive
The functioning is beyond movement, The power is to move on through it
all, through it all
Everything we do, anything we do,
The stories of the time, the rhythm and the rhyme, the feeling it is mine, I feel it every time
No matter where I am, I always have a plan, I see just who I am, I am the coming
We’ve been this place before, there’s something great in store, I’m coming through the door, you hear me knockin, hear me knocking
Its clear to me and you, the things that I’m to do, you know my heart is true, I am the coming

Everything is all right, everything is ok, I know what I’m to do, you know what you should say
Got to function this time, with an elevated plan, I know that you been asking, this is the right man

The things that drove me, to this moment in time, combine eternity, with a power like mine,
I totally guessed it but I didn’t see it clear until right up to this moment just some music to my ear
Now its clear, now its here, and I’m good for something, the units that I measure all add up to something
Flying high with this try, I got a world that I believe in, and I know that its gold, gave me something I’m feelin
Real in, and out, yo its all around, super stylin design flowing all around

This is the claim of my estate, don’t be a fool with your rule, its never too late, to joins sides with ya,
I lay it all out, with the rhythm and the flow, unclouded direction, know that way that I go, and I flow, and I go, and I drive this time, take a seat to the right of me and you’ll be fine, with the turns and the curves that brought us to here, and everything in your questions will become very clear
To your mind as your heart drops the burden, and the space of this place can get a word in

The Burden and Honored Privileged

This letter comes to you in a moments heed and call of directive. I am before you to explain what I am becoming. This may serve as a shock to many if not all that read upon these words, however, it is not of joke nor partial arrangement. Continue reading “The Burden and Honored Privileged”