Encrypted Scrolls Front Page Feature

The Encrypted Scrolls is the name of one of my music aliases. If you do a search for it here on Dimension144.com you will be treated to the music and some videos.

The popular creative commons music hub, FreeMusicArchive.org, featured the story being told over a 4 album set. Thier website receives over 2 million viewers monthly. If you would like to download any of the songs, swing over to the Encrypted Scrolls page and grab albums. Tony has decided to release the tracks as creative commons, which means you may use them on your projects for free as long as you place proper accreditation. The well-known rock group The Grateful Dead, were one of the most popular free-source musicians and Tony intends of ushering in a new wave of open source content to keep the flow growing. With sites such as FMA, a level of respect for the love of the arts thrives. Be sure to show your support by downloading and commenting on a few of the tracks.

Encrypted Scrolls: Transmute (Album 2)

The second album of the Encrypted Scrolls musical is all about Transmuting. To transmute means to face yourself, to move beyond the walls, and to release the chains keeping you within the box of limitation. This album is about confronting all the aspects of the self so that freedom can be afforded.
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Encrypted Scrolls – Life Today

It’s been a few months since Encrypted Scrolls released any tracks or information. You may have heard them in the videos for a few items in the Dimensions Emporium shop recently too. Today, a new song was sent out across space and time. Listen to the track right here! Continue reading “Encrypted Scrolls – Life Today”

Encrypted Scrolls

At Dimension144 we enjoy designing things that are a step ahead of time. The music of Encrypted Scrolls speaks of some heavy topics that are deep in the laters of human and spirituality. The tracks have technology hidden within them that will be unlocked at the right time. Mysterious? you betcha! Our CEO did not stop short with this Dimensional Space Opera.
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