Inner Mind

This is a short monologue I decided to make and upload. At first, I wanted to do an acting take to see how it came out, but then I decided to roll with it and do a long shot with a wave of emotions and thoughts. After I shot it and watched it, I felt that it need a little bit more and that is when I decided to add the intro and outro to the video. Blended together, it reflects the thought of someone within the mind and what it faces within during challenging times.

Alert Passivity

The Across Times Defined series is a set of words and their connections throughout various pieces of time and space. Certain sets within the set, carry a larger specific meaning. As this section expands, lists will be provided that pair words with one another and combine training to grow and develop a higher state of being within.

Video Sources:
Life of Pix

Music By:
Kevin MacLeod

Edits By:
Tony Hulse

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