A Double Life (The Elder Scrolls Online)

After Fa’ren-dar showed us the ins and outs of being a thief, it was high time to get on with some quests for the locals. Perhaps this round we can loot and retain all the items? Continue reading “A Double Life (The Elder Scrolls Online)”

Guild Quests (The Elder Scrolls Online)

Gregarious goes over to Hew’s Bane and does some missions that involve trespassing. While there he fills up his inventory with |hot” items. Will he get caught? What will Tony say? Continue reading “Guild Quests (The Elder Scrolls Online)”


Love makes you do crazy things. In this live stream episode, Gregarious comes across a gruesome scene of death where a daughter stumbles upon both of her parents murdered. As we get to the bottom of it, we find Love’s motive. Continue reading “Carrot-and-stick”

Thieves Den

Trespassing and stealing is a life in Tamerial. And if you want to get all the achievements in Elder Scrolls Online, you have to supply a few truckloads of “hot” items if you are going to win a few. Continue reading “Thieves Den”

Monster Crates

Bethesda was doing an event over the weekend that if you fought and successfully won in a battle with a monster at least once per day, that they would send you a crate to open. These things may have some rare items you would normally have to pay a few real-world coins for. So with that opportunity, I first went to see what the definition of a monster was and how to access the crates. Continue reading “Monster Crates”

New Entries

The 6th Edition of the Gregarious Wahhabi Live stream series starts with this video where Gregarious discovers that a shipwrecked crew was intentionally sabotaged and a few of the mates of the ship were kidnapped and sacrificed for a darker conjuring plot. Continue reading “New Entries”